Cozy Cardigans and Lace-Up Boots

Hello darlings,

I can’t believe the year is almost over. I’m actually excited for the new year to start. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot of amazing things in store for me.

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The OTK Boots of the Moment

Hello darlings!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I have been extremely productive these days. From spending my days reading books, to shooting for the blog and connecting with new friends, it has been a busy couple of weeks I’d say (with many more to come).

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The Vintage Eugene

Hey darlings,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. While I didn’t, get to go home it was a very busy week for me. I really enjoyed the time off. From trying the new burger joint that’s only open on weekdays, to reading a new book, to going to a tasting room with friends — it was quite eventful. On Sunday, a new friend and I headed over to The Vintage here in Eugene. Now you know, me always looking for the best brunch. This one is up there. The food is amazing, the ambience is great, the service, etc. All the things you could want. And they have $4 mimosa and Bellinis (I still have yet to find a bottomless place but that’s probably for the better. I went with the “Benedict Special” while my friend Olivia had “The Eugene” crepe. This spot is known for their crepes. I could’ve even had my eggs Bennie in a crepe but I like the classics and am more of a savory than sweet. Also their hollandaise sauce is made in house so I HAD to go for the Benny.

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Fall Dresses and Foliage

Hello darlings,

Oh my gosh has this week been busy. Something about the holidays. I was hoping to get this post up sooner but you know life happened. In the midst of trying to get my Oregon license and plates, I really felt like this was the perfect time for me to post my most fallest outfit yet. I went to brunch over the weekend with my fellow blogger friend Looks Like Rein and we chose to go somewhere by U of O. A new place that I actually hadn’t been to before called Agate Alley Bistro. I’ve been told by so many people how good it was and I’m SO glad I checked it out.

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Membrillo Latin Kitchen

Hello darlings,

As many of you know, my favorite thing to do on the weekends is to brunch. So it comes to no surprise that I make it a point to do this at least twice a month. I had gone to this restaurant before with my blogger friend and went back last weekend to try out some other dishes. So far, Membrillo Latin Kitchen has been my favorite brunch. It’s the perfect portion, the flavor is amazing and the service is impeccable. So if you’re ever in Eugene and looking for a yummy place to dine at, check this place out on Willamette. My friends and I got really eggy with it. Scroll down for the scrumptious brunch goodies.

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Rompin’ Around in J.O.A.

Hello darlings,

So finally, FINALLY it stopped raining so much. Apparently that’s not normal for October here but we had a very rainy last three weeks. Glad it’s over…for now. The weather has been beautiful since it stopped raining. I actually think 60 degrees is a little on the warm side after how cold it’s been. So, to celebrate no more rain and a little more sunshine I decide to bring out my favorite little romper that’s perfect for summer or fall. I paired my Just One Answer (J.O.A) romper with a pair of  over-the-knee boots from BCBGeneration and topped it with my trusty Zara leather jacket (are you sick of seeing this jacket yet?) Anyways, I’m not one to follow trends anymore. I kind of just wear whatever I want, whenever I want– isn’t that the point of style? Also, although I am not a watch lover I recently got a Daniel Wellington that I’m obsessed with. Black face, black band and rose gold detailing — it’s perfection. Want one of your own? You can use my code: BRUNCHINISTA and get 15% off. I mean it’s the holidays so why not? If you’re wondering about my little choker it’s DIY. I cut this old satin belt that I have that goes to a sequin dress that I literally never wear and voila, the perfect choker. I know  it’s crazy that people spend 100 dollars on something so simple. Make it yourself! You will love it more. Check me out rompin’ around after brunch in my cute little J.O.A playsuit.

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