A Glimpse Into My Life + My Bend Getaway

A Glimpse Into My Life + My Bend Getaway

Hello lovelies,

I recently took a MUCH needed vacation away to Bend, Oregon which if you haven’t been to is literally my favorite. Despite it not having the best first memory (where I tore my ACL), I love the sunshine, the breweries and the city itself. Honestly, this by far has been the best vacation I’ve taken this year. The last Bend trip was not as fun as this one so I have so much to share!

In my last few posts, I’ve talked about life updates and some tips for you guys to stay inspired. I also have talked ALOT about blogging, friendships and relationships and wanted to talk about something very different that I don’t normally talk about on my blog.

For a while now, I’ve felt like my blog is clearly taking a different direction. So let’s just say I’m gonna go with it and you’re cool with that. Cool? Cool. The last several months have been actually really challenging. I feel like I’ve been saying this for a while because my life CONSTANTLY feels like I’m in transition. New job. New city. New house. New life? It’s like it never ends. And you know what that’s just kind of life.

Some of the things I’m currently dealing with are being away from my boyfriend who I moved to Oregon with. When I wanted to pursue life in the city he told me to go for it and fully supports it because he knows it makes me happy. But it also makes it hard to not see him every day and be able to be with him and my dog like we use to be. So for those of you who didn’t know, I moved to Portland last month and am now living without the boyfriend. I know kind of hard but sometimes we all gotta do what we gotta do.

Most of my life outside of blogging has nothing to with blogging itself. I feel that most young people don’t seem to understand that. I have a 9-5 job. HELLO! And while I admire people who are able to just be entrepreneurs, pursue their dreams all that jazz. The instability of pursuing blogging full time gives me massive anxiety. I love structure. I love working for a greater purpose. And how SATURATED blogging is, I would never at this point in my life do it full time. I’ve gone through hell and back to grow my career and blogging has ALWAYS just been a side thing that’s been fun for me.

Which gets me to my next my point. I have a career. I have friends. I have my blog. I have a boyfriend. I have family super far away. I have a recovering leg. Do you see where I’m going with this? There are only so many allotted hours I have in a given day to give energy to. Which brings me to my next point.

I have learned to have to say no to ALOT of things that maybe seem cool at the moment but have had to pass on from being overwhelmed because I’m a typical type A perfectionist and need things to be a certain way. So if it’s too overwhelming I just won’t do it. And learning to just live in the moment and enjoy life.

So after that super long intro, I wanted to give you a glimpse into my life that I don’t normally share. These aren’t beautiful staged photos. IT’S MY LIFE. My world that means more to me than Instagram or anything else.

If you’ve gotten this far you’re a super star. Fall in Oregon is literally SO amazing. I felt so inspired on this trip. Actually by the most unexpected. Food and nature. I love the way the sun was peering through the leaves, the way the windy road was leading us to our hike filled with changing leaves, and the music that played in the background reminding me that these moments were ones I would forever remember.

In spirit of Luke’s birthday, we started with a hike to Blue Pool. As many of you know I haven’t hiked since I injured my ACL and hamstring so this 4.5+ loop would be a challenge. It was an amazing challenge though. I honestly didn’t think I would make it. I doubted myself most of the way but my boyfriend’s encouragement helped me get through it. Bless his soul. He’s an angel. He told me he was so proud of me at the end of the hike. I felt like I could conquer the entire world after this and DANG did it feel good to accomplish this.

The river that was along the side leading to Blue Pool was relaxing, mystical and breath-taking. It honestly took 2 1/2 hours to do this hike and had I not been injured probably less?


The happiest dog in the world with my Lumberjack.


By the end of this hike, I was practically sprinting because I was so hungry. So note to self. If I ever have to run away from a bear even with my leg still recovering, I THINK I will live.

I did not take photos of the actual blue pool that were good enough to post. Sorry guys! But figured I’d give you those few cute photos to look at!

Some notable breweries we went to were Crux, Good Life, Bend Brewing, Boneyard , Immersion, and Worthy! Honestly all the beer was delicious but I would hands down say my favorite scenery-wise was probably Crux. Below photographed are tacos and beer and Worthy Brewing.

On another note I finally got to try this place I had been DYING to try, The Vintage Cafe. Started with a spicy Bloody Mary while we waited then had a pretty phenomenal brunch.


To end this post, I know you may all want very separated content, brunch versus style versus travel. I just wanted to compile this all together because this trip was very special to me. I had literally the best time with Luke and Drogo. We stayed at the McMenamins in downtown and really just enjoyed life. I didn’t take a ton of photos or over-plan. We discovered a lot of new places and met a ton of people on this trip who became friends because we were just going with the flow. Aren’t those the best kind of experiences?

I hope you all enjoyed this post. A glimpse into my non-blogging life and really getting to know who I am as a core person. Even though my brand is Brunchinista I am so much more than just my blog. I have real moments that aren’t always captured, filtered and posted. I wanted this to be a raw diary of our bend trip. The photo above was actually something I planned to take a photo of at some point so there’s that. You can find out more about that jacket on my Instagram. See if you spot the difference. I’m trying something new on there too!

Let me know your thoughts below!




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