Ava Gene’s Portland

Ava Gene’s Portland

Hello darlings,

As part of my birthday adventures I set out to go to dinner somewhere that had the best Italian I could have. While this was definitely a hard task since everything in Portland is amazing and well it’s all a matter of opinion, a former colleague informed me that I MUST try Ava Gene’s. I made reservations about a month and a half in advance as it’s a pretty busy place to dine at.

At first I had my reservations about it as the locals had told us so many other places to dine at (once again all a matter of opinion) but I stuck with my gut and went anyway– and can I tell you I was not disappointed. The ambience was exactly what I wanted, the wine was some of the best wine I had in a while (but I feel like I say this a lot but I live in wine country SO) and the food was phenomenal. I was OBSESSED with the lighting in this place it was so cute. It really set the mood for a romantic dinner before going out on the town. I ordered the rigatoni, lamb bolognese and my boyfriend ordered the steak with tomatillo salad. Are you ready to have your mouth water? Scroll down, it’s divine…


Some amazing wine that I literally can’t remember the name or type because I was so enamored.


Ginger beer + whiskey concoction



Rigatoni, lamb bolognese


Steak with tomatillo salad.


Our amazing meal, I still can’t get over how good it was.


That wine rack though. #GOALS

Absolutely delicious. Did your mouth water like I told you it would?

Okay, well if you’re ever in PDX you heard it from me. Go here, then if you’re still up for dessert Salt & Straw is down the street so I mean it’s kinda a given to go here right? RIGHT!


Jacqueline Valle

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