Berry Healthy Vegan Vanilla Shakeology Smoothie

Berry Healthy Vegan Vanilla Shakeology Smoothie

Hello darlings,

For those of you who don’t know, Shakeology recently came out with two new Vegan flavors: Vanilla Vegan and Café Latte Vegan. There is also Chocolate Vegan and Tropical Strawberry Vegan as well as five Whey flavors. With that being said, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you one of my newest and favorite recipes! If you read my last Shakeology post, then you read all about my allergies and how I’m lactose intolerant but also have a nut-allergies. Which brings me to this recipe. If you’re someone who is vegan or simply lives a vegan lifestyle you’re in for a treat. I chose the Vanilla Vegan Shakeology for my smoothie which is made from high-quality plants proteins from brown rice, pea and other plant sources (super delicious).

What you’ll need for this recipe:

  • Dairy-free milk ( almond/coconut or plant-based milk)
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/4 raspberries
  • 1 Vanilla Vegan Shakeology serving
  • 1 cup of ice

You’ll take all the ingredients and mix them in a blender with a cup of ice. Then it’s ready to serve!


Why it’s my favorite? It’s perfect for when I’m on the go and fuels me in the morning before I have my mid-morning yogurt.

Fun fact! The fruit and vegetable powders in Shakeology deliver phytonutrients which are beneficial substances distinct to plants. Some of these substances have antioxidant properties meaning they help neutralize molecules known as free radicals that damage cells.

It also helps with healthy digestion which is a major plus me!

So would you have this Vanilla Vegan smoothie? What would you put in it to make it your own?

Let me know in the comments below and as always if you try it, come back and let me know how you like it!




{Note: I have partnered with Beachbody for this post and they have provided me the product for review. All opinions are my own.}

30 thoughts on “Berry Healthy Vegan Vanilla Shakeology Smoothie”

  • Vanilla is such a simple but perfect base flavor. I would totally add coconut and maybe some banana! I used to make smoothies all the time, so this reminded me to get back into it!

    • You should totally do it! And that sounds delicious! 🙂 I’ll have to add banana next time! which come to think of it I think I actually might have haha

  • I am all about healthy shakes because I feel like they are a quick and yummy way to get those added vitamins and nutrients into your body without having to eat them (hehe). These shakes from Shakeology sounds so delicious. Even though I am not vegan, I like vegan foods and think it’s healthier to not use “bad” ingredients. I want to get this Vanilla Vegan and the Cafe Latte Vegan since I am a coffee addict! xoxo, Christine

  • Wow that shake sounds real healthy and looks yummy! I’ve always thought that shakes are sinful cuz over here in Singapore, our milkshakes are made of blended ice-cream & that’s a lot of calories *hehe* I need to try the Vanilla Shakeology product someday! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This is completely amazing! I recently developed or recently discovered that I am lactose intolerant and am so glad to know about this brand. I will definitely try Shakeology. The vanilla vegan sounds perfect!

  • Healthy shakes are a large part of my lifestyle as it’s so easy to blend and go! It’s also such a great way to get some added vitamins to my children without trying to force feed them veggies! lol I’m all about plant based nutrition and I am thrilled that they are now offering vegan options. I already make my current smoothie with almond milk. I’ve yet to try Shakeology but the more I hear about them the more I’m ready to order some myself!

    Manda |

  • I am a vegetarian, so this is such a great option for me! This is the first time I hear about this brand. Thank you for the introduction. I truly love your review and I’m ready to make a purchase and try them myself!

    xx. Gina

  • YUM! The new Shakeology flavors sound delicious! I’d especially like to try the cafe latte! I go vegan every now and then, but I am never able to stick with it. I love plant based food and drinks, and I love that the plants protein is from brown rice and peas. Your recipe sounds so refreshing. Thank you for sharing!


  • Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Definitely want to Try Shakeology, I am all about Healthy Lifestyle 🙂
    I would Try Both but I think the Vanilla Vegan is more for me:) Yummm:)
    So Good and Easy Recipes:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  • Aww, finally! I was waiting for so long for something like that. I’m a vegan so I’m always craving something new. And at least having this possibility is already amazing. Your recipe is so great, I would love to try it out. Now I need to check if it’s possible to order the Shakeology mix in Germany. Thanks for the review!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Shakeology sounds amazing and these two new flavors sound so good!!!!
    Also, loving this recipe you’ve created! I’d definitely add greek yogurt and honey since I’m not vegan (sorry), but this one looks pretty good to me 🙂
    Thanks for sharing babe!

  • Ahh looks so good and sounds great! Think I’ll try the recipe, & maybe throw in some dark organic chocolate nibs.
    I definitely need to start making smoothies again, thanks for the reminder :))

  • I have never heard of Shakeology until now. I visited their website and the shakes look so good. I would probably don’t mind to do a quick vanilla latte shake every morning and also kill my sweet coffee cravings with a healthy skate that tastes like that instead! I usually go for something fruity like raspberries or blueberries in the mornings if i don get a coffee.

  • Ooh I’ve never tried Shakeology but that berry vegan smoothie looks so delicious!
    I love drinking smoothies before or after the gym especially in summer.
    It must be hard to be lactose intolerant and have nut allergies as those are in many different foods.
    I’ve been vegan in the past and currently am not but do prefer vegan protein as it’s easier to digest for me.
    I would love to try this I’d add bananas and maybe a avacodo for extra good fats.
    Natalia k

  • This looks so healthy and delicious and I love that it is vegan and doesn’t have any additives. Papa also has a great present for you. The vanilla shakeology sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try and make it myself

    xo Sheree

  • Such a nice and healthy recipes! I was searching for something like this, that will be perfect for breakfast.
    Smoothies are the best breakfast option for me, as I don’t like to eat heavy food, but don’t want to feel myself hungry after 2 hours. Thank you for the recipe and Shakeology is such a great brand!

  • Wow this is amazing! I love Shakeology and all of their unique flavors. This recipe is super helpful and it looks delicious. I love drinking smoothies in the morning as a light breakfast and trust me, I will definitely try this one out. I love the fact that it’s healthy and it also fuels you. This is an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

    Vanessa, xo!

  • I do Beachbody workout programs so I’ve been dying to try Shakeology. I heard it was Vegan but the last time I checked it wasn’t kosher certified so I can’t try it. This smoothie looks delish – and even better that it’s packed full of protien! I’d probably add a little more fruit to mine becasue I love my smoothies super fruity 🙂

  • Ah I’m so happy I came across this post! I’ve actually been super into wellness and health lately, so this smoothie sounds awesome. The Shakeology brand sounds so healthy and delicious! And so healthy too- love how it fights free radicals in our body! I’ll be getting a blender soon so I’ll be bookmarking this post to make this exact smoothie soon. Thanks so much for sharing! Can’t wait to make it!

    xo Soo |

  • I could use a healthy shake, but I’m usually not a fan of Vanilla shakes as they tend to be overly sweet, but maybe adding some fruits to it would make it really good. I’ve been wanting to buy a blender so I’m definitely going on Amazon right after this post to get one. Haha.

    Maggie S.

  • Hey Jacqueline, this recipe sounds like a must try for me! I love having shakes for breakfast or as a snack and this looks so delicious! I need to check out Shakeology, it looks like they have really good shakes and I’m a huge vanilla fan and they do look trust worthy 🙂 Loved your review! I saved it for my future snacks.

  • I’ve recently become vegan and now searching for products for veggies. I think Café Latte Vegan. Shakeology for my morning – sounds so tasty and perfect for coffee addicted!

  • These shakes from Shakeology sounds heathy and so delicious. I am not fully vegan but I enjoy eating vegan dishes and shakes are the best for breakfast or after a workout. I love berries in the morning and I usually have a smoothie in the morning with a little protein, is easy to make and super nutritious. I will try this recipe this weekend. Thanks for sharing!
    Aurela x

  • This shake recipe with the Vanilla Vegan sounds so yummy! I’ve been loving fruits lately in my drinks and recipes so when I saw that there’s blueberry and raspberry, I’m immediately intrigued. I love that Shakology is vegan friendly too. I want to try their chocolate and strawberry ones as well!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • I LOVE Vegan Vanilla Shakeology (even more than the Vegan Chocolate!)
    Every morning no matter which flavor I select, I always add 1/2 frozen banana & 1 cup frozen blueberries along with power greens & ice, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and sometimes coconut water. Yummmm!

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