The Best Brewery Brunch I’ve Been To ( & What I Wore)

The Best Brewery Brunch I’ve Been To ( & What I Wore)

Hello loves,

Lately I’ve been wanting to combine food and outfits into one post, so I thought I’d give this a try. My boyfriend and I went to Plank Town Brewery this past Sunday as I had heard their brunch was a must.  Plank Town Brewery is located in the cute little downtown area of Springfield off of Main St.

Two reasons I love Springfield: 1) they have cute little boutiques and 2). it’s a little different than Eugene. I had heard through the grapevine they had a brunch and thought well this could be fun. I was a little weary at first seeing as it’s a brewery thinking, “is this going to be bar food.” OH GUYS! I was so wrong. The food was FANTASTIC. After much indecisiveness I ordered a punchy cocktail (IT WAS STRONG) and a smoked ham hash. I ended up going for another drink (the pearmosa) because the other one was too strong and not really for me. I got the Pearmosa instead which you will later see featured. SO BIG thanks to them for being so accommodating. I hate being that person but they insisted and I’m clearly terrible at lying if it was good or not when the waitress asked.

My boyfriend did not get anything off the brunch menu, instead he got an apple dipped sandwich with a plank tasting. He said both were fantastic. So good that we plan on going back this weekend for an event they’re having! You may have noticed that I actually went to brunch with my boyfriend! We typically do our own things separately. We allow each other to be ourselves and that includes our passions. I typically go with a blogger or friend for brunch but lately we’ve been dedicating more time for one another. Allowing him to come into my little world was gratifying in so many way. I got to take photos of all the food and drinks, he was tasting a flight of beer as he “walked the plank” and read up on sports. And once I was done with photos we just hung out and enjoyed the ambience.

I think if you’re a fellow Eugenian, what’s good about this spot is that they have something for everyone. Love beer? This is your spot! Their burgers look PHENOMENAL. Cocktails? Sure thing they have a full menu of it. What lunch not brunch? They got that too! Wine? Sure! They have a wine list as well. Scroll down for some yummy food and drinks.



Now let’s get to what I wore! I recently got a cashmere cardigan because I’ve been dying for a longer one that I could wear to the airport and just for everyday comfort! I got this one from Tahari and it’s so comfortable! I wore it with a basic top I got from BCBGeneration, white distressed jeans from JustFab and ankle booties from Cole Haan. You can shop this whole look or similar items on my LIKETKIT by going to this link here.

Why I went for comfort? I’m going to a brewery not a fashion show. The place is pretty casual but I still like to dress up for brunch. I wanted to wear something all white with this cardigan because I felt like it would really look good once it all came together. The booties I’ve had for some time now but given my recent injury I haven’t worn all year (sad day). I was able to tolerate them for brunch but not much more past that.

Take a look at this easy, casual look below.

Did you guys love seeing a combination of brunch and style or do you prefer when I keep them separately? Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for a series to follow this weekend of a fun local collaboration I’m doing! Want a hint on what it is? Follow me on Instagram and you might get some behind the scenes!




14 thoughts on “The Best Brewery Brunch I’ve Been To ( & What I Wore)”

  • This looks like such a delicious place to go for brunch! Those potatoes and eggs look so yummy, and are totally making me hungry. I would love to try this place out. Plus, your outfit looks so cute on you! I definitely need a gray cardigan like that for winter.

    ~xo Sheree

  • Those eggs are perfection! Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. I love eggs, hash and ham so much. Your outfit matched the laid back mood of the brunch brewery. And you’re right, comfort is key! I loved seeing both the food and fashion together.

  • Brunch is definitely my favorite but I have to stop myself from indulging and just avoid it all together! Eggs Benedict and an entire gallon of hollandaise sauce don’t stand a chance around me. The town itself sounds absolutely lovely! I always love little local shops! It always seems that the food is better too in places with this atmosphere! Those drinks BTW do look delish! I love your cashmere sweater and love how you incorporate both your style and your dining!

    Manda |

  • I’ve had to avoid brunches because having poached and fried eggs are usually my two go-tos and I can’t have them whilst pregnant (tragic I know) and your meal looked so damn good! I’ve literally got less than 2 months before I can start enjoying my eggs Benedict and smoked salmon again and I am ecstatic about it!!

    PS. Loving your brunch outfit too!!

    H x

  • Hey Sweetie
    How are you?
    Brunch is my Favorite thing ever your Photos looks Amazing Darling:)
    Loved your Look too and that cute Bag is a Gem, how cute:)
    Wish you Happy Week
    Kisses Karina

  • This place must be so cool! At least I already like all the things you’ve mentioned. I wish I could do a little trip travelling around and visiting all the tiny towns and villages and having a luncheon at the different places. That’s so great that you decided to combine food and fashion! I absolutely adore your style, and OMG how lovely this bag is! Great post as always!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • So sweet your boyfriend was able to tag along with you for brunch this time! He got to see how the world of “instagrammable food photos” works and enjoy a yummy meal! I have only recently gotten introduced to eating food that has been prepared on a plank. It gives that nice smokey flavor that I love. It made me love salmon that way!

  • It’s nice that you got to hang out with your boyfriend and enjoy some delicious brunch the food looks absolutely amazing and I think my partner would enjoy that kind of food to.
    I love your cashmere cardigan looks so cosy and such a lovely material that keeps you warm and snug.
    Natalia k

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