The Best Outdoor Brunch In Eugene

The Best Outdoor Brunch In Eugene

Hello loves,

I can’t believe summer is almost over! It literally flew by. The last few weeks have been crazy busy with starting a new job, writing for two different magazines and trying to make time for blogging. I took a break this past week (as some of you may have noticed) and it felt really refreshing to be able to have some alone time and catch up.

On Sunday, I went to brunch at a local spot in town called The Vintage, which is ALL about crepes (and fondue). Big plus, mimosas and Bellinis are $4 on Sundays. I have previously featured them before here, but this time was a little different as it’s summer which means we get to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and sip on some refreshing drinks. You know, what summer is all about.

Instead of going for my typical eggs Benny on an English muffin, I decided to switch it up and be a little more adventurous and ordered a crepe Benny which was definitely not what I expected, but in a good way. I picked veggie sausage instead of ham as I wanted to try something completely new. It was the perfect portion – not too much, not too little. I wouldn’t say I loved the veggie sausage, it felt a little overwhelming. My friend Olivia got The Eugene, which is a breakfast omelette inside a crepe (seriously why haven’t I gotten this yet?!). She remembered ordering it last time and how good it was.

Since the weather was pretty hot I wore my new H&M dress as top with a pair of A&F shorts and Steve Madden sandals. I could essentially wear this dress two ways but I’ve styled it here as a top by making it more of an off the shoulder and tying it at the waist! Scroll down for some yumminess.

Passionfruit and grapefruit mimosa

The Eugene

Veggie Eggs Benedict On A Crepe

{H&M dress, A&F shorts, Steve Madden sandals}

Honestly, out of all the places I’ve been to I’d say it’s the best outdoor brunch in town. I love their little side patio area. It feels really tranquil. There’s a side fountain running and there’s vines everywhere with a gorgeous wood door entrance. What’s there not to love? Other great outdoor brunch areas in Eugene are Lion & Owl, Marche, Studio One Cafe, Jazzy Ladies Cafe & Coffeehouse and Ambrosia (all of which I’ve featured at some point in time). It’s definitely a must before summer is over.

Where is your favorite outdoor brunch? Do you typically order the same thing or are you adventurous when picking a menu item?

Let me know in the comments below.



18 thoughts on “The Best Outdoor Brunch In Eugene”

  • Oh I love how you styled that dress! Both ways are super super cute. I have to say, I love any meat alternative so when you said veggie sausage I was like omg yum! It looks amazing!

  • So great to hear you had a great Sunday brunch and enjoy the new options you ordered. I love Mimosas especially on Sundays when I go to brunch, too. The striped shirt is so cute as well as the brown sandals. Very nice outfit for summer. xx. Gina

  • First of all, let’s not forget all you’ve been up to recently, that is starting a new job, writing for two magazines as WELL as keeping up with your blog and social media. Those are not small things by any means, so the mere fact that you even had time to brunch amazes me. I work a lot as well (too much) and I’d say that I need to go out for brunch more often. As I don’t do it that often I have no favorite, but the one you showed me definitely would be one!
    Thomas xx

  • Girl, it looks like you really enjoyed your Sunday brunch! The food you ordered at The Vintage look so tasty and those mimosas, yummy! such a refreshing beverage to enjoy your day. I love the outfit you chose, perfect for a casual sunday. I love the idea about the dress, you have made this piece versatile.
    Keep going the good work and congrats for the new job.

  • I can’t believe it either! It’s been such a fun Summer and even thought I’m excited for Fall, it makes me a little sad that Summer is coming to an end 🙁
    I’m seriously drooling over the breakfast omelette inside the crepe that your friend got! I’ve never heard about anything like this before!
    Also, those mimosas keep winking at me 😉
    PS: Love your casual Summer look!! GORGEOUS!

  • Both dishes look so good! I don’t know why I always end up ordering either an omelette or eggs benedict every single time I go for brunch. I think it’s partially because a lot of the other breakfast items I feel are too oily or greasy? Then again, I always just gravitate towards those two items.

    BTW, I love how you styled a dress into a shirt!

    Maggie S.

  • Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Ohhh Brunch is my Favorite thing:)
    The Food Looks sooo Good, drooling over your photos:)
    I love Eggs benedict, always ask that:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  • Those crepes look delicious I reckon I could eat those every day for breakfast. I love those denim shorts ,denim is so perfect for summer and you’re rocking them with style.
    Natalia k

  • Omg, this food looks seriously amazing. Congrats with your new job! Do you like it? Share with us next time what are you up to. Taking a small break is always must-do! I feel more powerful and refreshing when I take breaks. I don’t know how do you find time to write articles for other magazines . Wow!

  • Hi Jacqueline,

    You always choose the best places for brunch! I love how you described The Vintage. Crepes is my favorite food and I want to try some from your pics for sure. By the way, you are looking so awesome in these shorts, and I love the color of your shirt!


  • Congrats on all you have accomplished lately, I’m sure that you’ve been very busy.
    The Eugene that your friend ordered looks delicious! This restaurant seems so good, and you can’t beat $4 mimosas. Also, I love the outfit you styled, it is so perfect for brunch!

    ~xo Sheree

  • A break from social media is always so good! I look forward to the next week I can take off! The Vintage sounds absolutely wonderful! I think I’ve told you I go for the eggs Benedict too normally. For brunch or breakfast out, it’s usually my go-to! I eat plant based during the week and I’ve tried SO many vegan meats and most are absolutely disgusting! Also though I do like tempeh a good bit. My husband hates them all. He’s like that one guy from Parks and Rec. lol I’m usually a person that sticks with what I know but when I’m feeling spontaneous I usually try to eat the oddest thing on the menu that I can! Also, love your top!

    Manda |

  • Outdoor brunch is always a good idea! Congrats on the new job my lovely 🙂 I think it’s always a good idea to take breaks from blogging and social media too- otherwise it can get a bit too overwhelming. It’s a shame that the veggie sausage wasn’t the best as that meal looks super yummy. You are looking as beautiful as ever too.

    Rachel xx

  • OMG that just made me so hungry!! The crepe eggs benny sounds amazing. I really must brunch more! ha ha. Loving your outfit too – very casual cool. I love that you turned your dress into a top. Thanks for sharing, hun.

    J. x

  • I’ve only just recently moved to a city where outdoor brunch is a thing, so I am anxious to try out all the spots! The Vintage sure looks like a great place to start if I ever happen to visit Eugene. Congrats on the new job too, by the way!

  • So glad you got able to have some selftime for yourself babe!! Starting a Sunday with bellinis and mimosas it’s a great start. This places looks very cool and the food looks absolutely delicious -yummy. Thinking about it never been in an outdoor brunch but would love to go to one someday. Absolutely love your hair btw.


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