The Best Oversized Turtleneck To Get You Through Winter

The Best Oversized Turtleneck To Get You Through Winter

Hello loves!

With winter being in full force, chilly weather has called for some SERIOUSLY cozy outfits. Lately (or actually always) I’ve been wearing oversized sweaters on repeat. Tunics, v-necks, turtlenecks, you name it! I go for that homeless chic look and still make it look cool. Right? Right. I recently got this FAB bright red turtleneck that I seriously can’t stop wearing and it’s seriously so warm, it’s crazy.

Ironically, I bought this sweater for my LA trip. Did I wear it? Yeah. Was I literally burning because it was actually too warm? Haha you betcha! Fortunately for me, I can wear this in Oregon and be comfortable AF! That’s the best thing about winters here, layers, layers and more layers. Actually the best thing about winter here is after it rains and the sun comes out and you get that crisp air feeling, the smell of wet concrete and the sun beaming through the trees. I live for moments like that.

I spent my weekend getting organized, hitting the gym ( I KNOW RIGHT who am I?) and having my first blogger brunch of the year (more of these to come). My friend Cherein and I have been dying to go to Excelsior for months already. We actually made reservations last year and then last minute changed our mind to go somewhere else that was new. Okay, I was probably more excited than she was until SHE GOT THERE. She was like ” OMG Jacqueline, we are no longer in Eugene!”. It seriously felt like we were in Paris, tucked away in a little cafe. The interior was amazing, it’s in oldie but a goodie. I loved the menu, I even want to go back for dinner!  The cocktails looked delicious, the food was delicious and I hear the patio is amazing during the summer.

The greenery outside is literally MAGICAL. We had to take photos of our outfits post eggs Benedict and frittata. While I didn’t take any great photos of the food, as we spent most to our brunch catching up and talking about fun things coming up, I did gather this cute #OOTD that I figured you guys would love. While the coffee wasn’t my favorite, the company as always was great. We’re planning a trip to Portland together next month so stay tuned for that!

Okay as I mentioned it was cold. Even though I look like a giant marshmallow, I paired my oversized turtleneck with very western-inspired accessories. Scroll down to see this bold beauty!




You can shop this entire look at my LIKETOKIT by clicking here.

I also just got this pair of amazing sunnies from Diff Eyewear. Why I love them? They’re not only affordable but also charitable. You can read all about them here. Their buy a pair, give a pair concept is totally amazing! Want a pair of your own? Use code: BRUNCHINISTA and get 25% off! That’s right! You can get this very pair for a little over $60 bucks and free shipping! Gotta love a good deal.

What are your favorite styles to wear when it’s cold and you gotta go out for brunch?

Let me know in the comments below!




22 thoughts on “The Best Oversized Turtleneck To Get You Through Winter”

  • Hi Babe!
    I love love love this chunky colorful turtleneck!
    I looks so warm and cozy!
    No wonder you were burning up in LA haha
    I love how you toned it down with classic jeans and blach accessories.
    Also how great are those Diff Sunnies!? I wear mine all the time! 🙂

  • Your outfit is perfect for brunch. That turtle neck looks great on you. I purchased a similar one and could not pull it off. I live in Calgary where it’s super cold and we have a sweater for every season. (winter/spring). I’m glad you enjoyed your brunch and it reminded you of Paris.

  • Oversized sweaters are seriously life during winter! I love how you’ve gotten one with colour because it’s so easy to buy something dark and oversized but you rock a bright orange girl!! Sounds like the brunch was amazing too! Can’t wait to see more of your blogger dates throughout the year and hear about them xx

    Helen xx

  • I love this chunky turtleneck, in fact I have the same exact one. And I don’t usually wear color but I couldn’t resist this sweater. It looks great with the jeans and the hat. I would’ve loved to see some photos of Excelsior as it sounds like such a charming spot and anything remotely like Paris always has my tongue wagging. I love brunching and this look is great. I would wear the same thing! xoxo, Christine

  • What a lovely look! This is the perfect weekend look for me. I love how the belt and hat compliment with each other. And I always love a pop of color in cold season. This sweater has the perfect “pick me up” color.


  • I’ve been living in oversized sweaters and hoodies due to my pregnancy! Aren’t they seriously the most comfy thing? I love that bold red color. I’m sure you get a ton of compliments on the color alone! I can’t believe there is a restaurant that resembles Paris in Eugene. That’s saying something! Did you take any pictures because I’m going to have to see it to believe it!

  • I’m obsessed with this red knit. I am a lover of oversized sweaters. I know how you feel. In LA the month says Winter, but the weather says Spring. I am always wearing in season clothes, especially while shooting and I’m burning up. But hey, I gotta do it for the gram. LOL!
    p.s I am excited to see more of your blogger brunches!


  • Hey Jacqueline!
    The silouette of the oversized sweater is so good and it looks great with jeans! Sure love how you styled everything! The pop of colour will definitely brighten all gloomy days!

  • Hey Sweetie:)
    How are you?
    The Most Beautiful Oversized turtle neck sweater Darling:) Obsessed with the Vivid Color:) Just Gorgeous:)
    Love, Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  • Girl, this edgy turtleneck sweater and the sunnies are everything! Definitely, love the style. However, I cannot style turtleneck pieces properly that’s why I’m trying to avoid them.
    But it goes so perfectly with this hat and jeans. And the colour of this sweater is so good!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • I love oversized sweater, they are cozy, warm and yet stylish. This sweater is going to be on my shopping list, I love the color. Quite excited for your trip, it is so cool to have blogger bestie with whom you can travel 😉 Envy u

  • Oh girl, I’m so in love with this cozy outfit. This orange sweater is the best thing for the winter (tho I still can’t believe how’s that possible to wear it in LA haha). Not to mention those accessories: a perfect hat and round-sunnies. You nailed it!

  • What a fun weekend! I seriously need to take off like a month to get my house organized the way I want to. I just want to get rid of so much and it takes so much time to do that! Props to you for hitting the gym! That’s another thing I need more of in my life! I’m all for a chunky knit sweater and I love how bold this one is! I find a color like this especially appealing in cold months because, for me at least, my natural gravitation is toward black. You look stunning and styled this so well!

    manda |

  • Hello love,
    How are you? I love this! I couldn’t agree more with the fact that this season has forced us to get out our cozy and warm clothes. This turtle neck looks like the perfect piece to keep you stylish and warm all winter long. Oversized jackets or shirts are one of my favorite things because they are so so comfortable yet look really cute when paired right. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Xoxo, vanessa

  • Soooo with you on the needing cozy sweaters all winter!! They’re the best!! Also, your trip and that restaurant sounded amazing!! Hope it was a lovely time!!

  • I love wearing oversize knit in winter, they are just so cozy and snuggly!

    The pop of color from your sweater looks great, specially on those gray winter days when the sun doesn’t feel like shining.

    You look gorgeous btw!

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