The Best Place To Stay On The Coast- Headlands Lodge

The Best Place To Stay On The Coast- Headlands Lodge

Hello loves,

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I spent my weekend on a little mini vacation getaway to the coast, Pacific City to be exact. It was my first time in Pacific City but I absolutely loved it! I really wish the weather had been way better (it was pouring and crazy windy), but we made the best of it! We stayed at the Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa right in Pacific City conveniently located next to Pelican Brewery.

We arrived early afternoon on Saturday and stopped for lunch at Pelican Brewery before the late afternoon check in. You could see dogs and children running around the sand. It was truly my happy place. Despite the crazy weather we were able to enjoy the most of our under 24 hour trip.

In the past I’ve stayed at places in Depoe Bay and ventured to Newport, Lincoln City and everywhere in between. I hadn’t ever been this far north but I was pleasantly surprised by the cute little town that is Pacific City.  Surrounding the hotel was a brewery, a local market, a wine shop down the road and a surf store. Right across from the headlands (which I WISH I had more time) was a cute little cafe. Normally I’m all for the coffee but once again given the short of time I was there I had to make the most of the resort!

When you walk in you already feel like you’re in heaven. It kind of reminded me of a place I stayed at in Malibu that was also a resort by the ocean. But it was so different. It had PNW written all over it. Bikes and Pendelton merchandise as you walk in, near the check in desk, an adventure area for those seeking adventures off the resort such as hiking and kayaking, and a gorgeous lobby beautifully decorated with a seating area.

To your left is The Meridian Restaurant & Bar which you will learn about in my next blog post in this travel series so stay tuned for that. As you make your way to the elevators a garden is to the left and a conference room to the right, perfect for those traveling for business.

We were situated in the top floor, which is the third floor. We walked into our room which actually felt like nirvana. I’ll let you take a look so you can see what it was like.

I sat and relaxed for a bit before getting to work, taking photos and doing all of the blog things. I like to try and get as much as I can before actually relaxing. The bed was my favorite — it was seriously hard to get up the next morning and leaving this oasis.

I dressed for comfort, as per usual in my new favorite jeans. I’ve been LIVING in these. If you read my last blog post you know my whole dilemma with denim. You can shop this whole look on my LIKETK.IT by going here.

Finally I opened a bottle of pinot gris, special thanks to the folks at Headlands for providing the yummy beverage and started up water for a bath while my boyfriend went on his adventure. I’m incapable of fully relaxing so of course I had to call one of my bestie for a bit. BUT can we talk about this bath tub. GIRL I want this in my house. Can it come with the view? Haha. Okay no but seriously. My dream is to one day have a bathtub with a view because I LOVE taking baths.

When my boyfriend got back he actually told me his adventure hike was actually a solo one! He learned so much including things about the Haystack Rock right outside our room (there are three across the coast) and went to the top of his hike to get an amazing view. Also he got to stop at this gorgeous cave. So jealous I couldn’t go given my recovering ACL and hamstring injury!

Luckily I did have an amazing patio to sit on and enjoy the ocean waves. I am a sucker for the ocean. If there’s anything that I can do any day, I can just sit and listen to the ocean. It’s so soothing. Take a look at this gorgeous view. Don’t mind that Oregon fog.

Later that night we went on a little adventure to their spa area where the hot tub was situated.  I didn’t get ANY photos of this because 1) it was after dinner and late 2) it was dark and rainy and 3) it was the time I wanted to take for myself and not be snapping photos! I will say the hot tub was a crazy experience. It was pouring down rain, crazy windy and I was laughing so hard at how ridiculous it was that we were in there. But hey I wanted to be in the hot tub! We met some lovely ladies from Portland who actually knew who I was because they saw my stories. We had a laugh and I told them it was nice to meet them. It was quite flattering to be honest. I love when people say “I SAW YOU ON STORIES!” or “YOU’RE BRUNCHINISTA!” I get excited when you guys get excited.

Anyways, until next time Headlands! I seriously had a blast and can’t believe how fast it flew by. Here’s me sipping wine and saying goodbye to the coast.

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Did you love this series of my traveling around Oregon post? How about the Headlands Lodge? Would you stay here?

You can learn more about Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa by going here.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought!



Disclaimer: This blog post was done in collaboration with Headlands Lodge. All opinions are my own!

15 thoughts on “The Best Place To Stay On The Coast- Headlands Lodge”

  • This place looks so charming and cozy! I love the quaint decor and the room is total goals. I love the sofas and the cute little bikes. What a great getaway and love that it is by the beach. How cute that you got recognized too! I love it when that happens as well it makes all the hard work worth the effort. Sounds like you had a great trip and this was the perfect place to spend your time! xoxo, Christine

  • Hey Beautiful,
    How are you?
    This place looks Amazing and sooo Cozy:)
    That Bathtub is just inviting me:)
    Love the Design sooo much:)
    That cute top on the last photo is so pretty on you:)
    Wish you Happy Monday
    Love, Kisses Karina

  • What an amazing time you had on this getaway. Pacific City look s so beautiful – I love all the ocean watching and views from such a cozy and quaint lodge. I definitely want to travel to this inviting destination now!

  • Mini Vaca’s are the best! You come back feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated- especially when it entails being outdoors. The lodge looks so cozy and chic! SO glad to hear your has a great time!


  • What a great place and amazing location. the perfect place to getaway because it has a special charming. Thanks for sharing your great adventure, so happy to know this place through your lens. Your images are so amazing, they show the great time you spent in this magical place.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  • Oh my gosh this hotel looks absolutely so beautiful. The view is so peaceful and tranquil and the decor of the hotel is so sleek and minimal. I am in love with the bathroom and that free standing tub, so beautiful. Have too book mark this place for future visits.

    xo Sheree

  • Coastal Lodge & Spa looks like a very comfy place to stay in.
    I really love a bathroom and a king size bed in the room! It seriously looks stunning!


  • Coastal Lodge is the perfect hotel for a short giveaway! I love the beautiful ocean view and be able to hike during the stay. Just to clear my mind from the hectic city life. Even it was raining during your stay, it was just so nice to sit in the hot tub and listening to rain pouring. Thank you for sharing.


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