Blogger Brunch at Magnolia House

Blogger Brunch at Magnolia House

Hello darlings,

As my first blog post, I’m going to take it back to August when I was in LA and had brunch with my favorite bloggers babes.

Many of you may know me as Fashionista Socialite but after some time now I decided to part ways with that blog and start a new one that’s about all my brunch and food adventures with a little bit of style and travel.

The name is a combination of brunch and fashionista. A name I came up with actually on a business trip in San Diego and after some time of thinking about it it stuck. For me brunch has always been my favorite things to do on the weekends and dress up for. I’m my friends “go-to” brunchess who they can always count on to pick yummy spots to eat at.

I hope you’ll use this as a guide for wherever you go, cause I know Yelp can be very overwhelming.

Anyways, we decided to check out Magnolia House in the “dena” (as the cool kids call it). The spot was super cute, I definitely recommend trying it if you’re in the area. They have an assortment of brunch grubbies you can get and their cocktails are refreshingly amazing.







I got the Huevos Rancheros with a Roger That followed by an alcoholic version of an arnold palmer aka the Almost Palmer  (both absolutely yummers!). Corey of Miss Foodie Problems got the Korean Fried Chicken, The Pastrami Breakfast Sando, with The American Dream cocktail. Mickey of The Boho Socialite got a Forager Omelet with a Roger That cocktail.

I’m so glad I got to see them both. I met them both last year when I started my brunch and blogger brunch club and both have been such amazing ladies to have in my life. Corey is a true foodie that lives in Pas while Mickey is a boho gal that resides in Silverlake.

Stay tuned for more food, style and beer and wine adventures!



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