Cozy Cardigans and Lace-Up Boots

Hello darlings,

I can’t believe the year is almost over. I’m actually excited for the new year to start. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot of amazing things in store for me.

This year has been crazy. From leaving the fashion world, to moving to another state, to ending my last blog and starting this new one, there’s been LOTS of changes. All good changes. I’ve been able to focus on my craft, freelance for a local magazine and managed a 9-5 job all in the process of living my new life, making new friends and collaborating with some really cool companies. With temps continuing to get lower and me trying to keep my sanity (and style) I’ve somehow managed to figure out what works while still actually looking cute. The answer? Layers, layers and more layers. The weekends have been insanely busy, with keeping up with blogging, shooting and what not– I was able to put some time aside so you guys can see my favorite lace-up boots that I just can’t live without this season. I paired these Free People beauties with lace shorts (with tights underneath of course), a striped tunic from H&M and this cozy cardigan that’s from Mimi’s, a cute little shop in Thomasville, Georgia that has some seriously cute pieces. I borrowed the hat from my friend Olivia who got it at Dallas Market a while back (seriously so jealous I want to steal this hat). Cardigans and sweaters are basically what I’m living in so it comes to no surprise that this is basically my new uniform. Scroll down for some cozy vibes.

And for those of you watch lovers, I’ve been wearing my Daniel Wellington watch on the reg, like literally. So, if you wanna snag one of your own, make sure to use my code: BRUNCHINISTA, and you can get 15% off. After all, it’s the holidays and you need to TREAT YO SELF!

What are your favorite sweaters and boots to wear?

Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Love the hat and boots.

  2. I LOVE this outfit, you look so cozy! My favorites are your boots and cardigan! I like the little peek of your laced shorts, it looks like a different layer!

    xo, Chloe //

    1. It’s my favorite little added touch. I was definitely very cozy.

  3. Those boots are awesome! I love the whole look, but those boots!!!!

    1. Thank you love! Glad you love the boots!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this look! The hat and the boots are my fave but I love how you added the cardigan to the mix as I never would have thought of that 🙂

  5. Omg! Your boots are so stylish! They go perfectly with your outfit! I love it!


  6. There sure are a lot of changes! Those lace boots are beauties. I love how you woree them with that cozy cardigan. You look so gorgeous Jacqueline! xx

  7. That looks so cozy ! Now, its winter so its a bit too cold, but I cant wait for spring to wear that kind of clothes !

  8. Love the hat! I think that cardigans, especially heavy knitted ones are amazing for winter layering 🙂

  9. I’m such a sucker for a great pair of boots and those boots are amazing!! Such a cute outfit too ❤

  10. I am LOVING those boots! I have been trying to find some like this without the 6 inch heels lol thank you!

  11. omg I’m OBSESSED with your boots and with that hat!!! so perfect! love this outfit girl 🙂

  12. the entire outfit is really cute! it gives me an idea for a cold day in New York during the winter

  13. I love this cozy cardigan and the lace shorts! These boots are amazing as well. Such a great transitional look into winter. I am looking for a hat like this and need to get it! Love the outfit. Xoxo, Christine

  14. Don’t you look adorable in this outfit?! Sounds like you’ve had a big year of change honey and glad you’re settling into it. I would say my favourite sweaters are always the oversized cashmere ones in nudes and greys! As for boots, my Chloe Susannah’s are on high rotation all the time!!

    Helen xx

  15. Those boots!! They look so stunning on you! How I wish Singapore is less hot for us to wear OTK boots like this! And oh yes, that cozy cardigan on you is dope too 😉

  16. So cute – I would seriously steal that hat too LOL. Love your style!

  17. How gorgeous are your boots! I love the lace up detail and have been looking for something like these for awhile. The cardigan looks so cozy and I love all the other pretty thoughtful details like the hat, bit of lace and black stockings (so practical since it’s been getting colder!). You look lovely babe!

    Love, Liz

  18. your boots are so amazing! and you look so beautiful babe!

  19. I know this post is about the cardi and boots but also YOUR HAIR. It’s awesome!

  20. Wow ! Jacqueline! I’ve always loved your style but you have truly outdone yourself here ! I love that hat so much and the boots are ridiculously gorgeous! I love cozy long sweaters and I guess cozy warm boots but always with a heel !

  21. I’m in love with the comfy cardigan and those boots are so rad! You look lovely babe! I always have a hard time layering in the winter because sometimes it just gets way too cold to care how I look. Lol.

    Maggie S.

  22. Cosy cardigans and boots are my fav weekend combo. They are just so comfy and cosy 😉 I adore this look of yours babe!

    Xx, Jessie

  23. Totally love how you styled this look great post

  24. Woww this look is super pretty babe, I specially love those amazing boots and the beautiful hat. Cardigans and boots always is a good idea for any occasion! Kisses

  25. Hello dear!!!
    I love the hat and the cozy cardigan and not last the beautiful DW watch .

  26. What a gorgeous cardigan! Looks so cozy!

    I’m obsessed with those boots! These are so chic!

  27. Ana Vukosavljevic says: Reply

    I love cardigans. They are my all time favourite! This one is really cute, I loved the color, shape and length!

  28. In love with look Jacque, the cardigan and lace shorts are perfectly styled. I am totally obsessed with your lace up boots too, I have been looking for a similar pair.



  29. Love a good pair of lace up boots. You can layer them over leggings and jeans or wear them with dresses and skirts. Layering up is like my favorite thing to do and once it finally gets cold here I’m jumping up and down over being able to bring out the rest of my closet!

  30. The hat is adorable, I don’t blame you for wanting it for yourself! The entire outfit comes together very nicely. I like that you went with lace shorts!

    XO, Jessica

  31. Sounds like you had such an amazing and productive year babe!! Also love you styled this cozy look. The way those lacy shorts peek out under the tunic is just darling! I’ve never tried that before and totally look forward to styling it when the weather warms up in nyc 🙂

    xo Soo |

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