How To Incorporate Color Into Your Summer Wardrobe

How To Incorporate Color Into Your Summer Wardrobe

Hello darlings,

One of my biggest challenges this season has been incorporating color. As someone who absolutely loves black and sticking to neutrals (I know so boring), it’s not so easy crossing over to the bright side. But lately I’ve been really drawn to pinks and yellow which is a first for me given the fact that I rarely wear color. I headed up to Portland for the weekend and stopped by one of my favorite boutiques, Shop Adorn, to pick out some must-have pieces for summer that would add a little color to my life.

So first off, I have to note how much I LOVE their store off Division. I’ve collaborated with them for this blog post to show you how I stepped outside my box of wearing booties and all black to wearing a more casual outfit to brunch.

The weather hasn’t been overly hot the last few weeks. It was sort of rainy and then sunny and sort of transitioning into the summer without that crazy heat wave. I wanted to wear something that was light and had a great quality. And after seeing this Rails hula top I was seriously obsessed.

FUN FACT: I used to do Polynesian dancing for three years and performed around different cities in LA. SO LONG ago but that hula girl was calling my name.

I picked this top because while I normally don’t wear pink, but I do have an appreciation for it and thought why not. Whether you’re going somewhere where you’re going to be dressed super caj (casual) or you’re heading to brunch to meet a friend it’s perfect for dressing up or down. It’s so versatile! I paired this with a killer pair of Hudson Jeans. Their jean selection is insane! Everything fit me so well I wanted to buy all the denim and I’m not even that much of a denim girl! My butt and figure have never looked so great!

Now for the shoes I wanted something that accentuated the top and was perfect for that summer vibe. I went with this pewter perforated flat from Trusk that I got at the Gilt Boutique. And then I headed over to have brunch with my girl Platings + Pairings. Seriously the nicest human ever and her feed is to die for!

We met at Coquine in Portland which was seriously so good for brunch. We talked about our goals, events coming up and blogging. It was so refreshing to be brunching with someone who just GETS it. I love connecting with other bloggers and being able to share my passion for food with them. Scroll down for my day in Portland.




{Charli Top by Rails, Hudson jeans, Playa Beaded Choker by Gorgana, Leslie Francesca necklace, Trask flats}

Photography by Erin from Platings and Pairings

How do you like to incorporate color into your wardrobe? Do you love pink or have a favorite color this season?

Let me know in the comments below.



23 thoughts on “How To Incorporate Color Into Your Summer Wardrobe”

  • I’m just like you and don’t wear much color either. Subtle colors like pastels are ok. But I love bright and bold colored accessories like bags and heels and that’s how I incorporate colors in to my wardrobe.

    xo Sheree

  • I really love your style and how you incorporated color into your wardrobe! The shirt is perfect and it’s a lovely shade. I normally wear lots of color and I sometimes find it hard to wear a mononchromatic look !

  • I totally need to add color to my wardrobe too and this blouse is too cute. I love that you shared how you used to do Polynesian dancing that is so cool and this shirt is perfect for you! These jeans are such a great fit and love the distressed on them. The food looks incredible and I have been wanting to go and visit Portland for a while. My fav color this season is actually some floral prints. =) xoxo, Christine

  • this outfit looks so beautiful on you! I found the shade of the blouse and the blouse itself very lovely!!! the food also looks very good!!! btw, sunnies are very amazing!!!

    Happy weekend! xx. Gina

  • I love your casual vibes here and that pastel pink blouse looks so sweet on u! Perhaps u should start incorporating more pastel vibes into your wardrobe!

    xx Aldora

  • I love the prints on that pink pastel top! it looks really good when paired with your ripped jeans and metallic flats! I am most of a black and white person and sometimes I do get into the mood of colours. Pink is one of my favourites this season.

  • Color looks good on you babe! Love this shirt and look like Shop Adorn has the cutest things!
    I usually love neutrals too, but it feels good to wear color sometimes. I’m loving yellow for this season and bright blue!
    Also, drooling over that Bloody Mary! Looks so good!

  • I don’t wear much colours and I like to stay neutral all season but this pastel shirt is the perfect colour to wear for summer. I love how you styled it with the jeans and those metallic shoes. The look is effortless and perfect to wear for brunch. The food looks so delicious, you seriously know how to brunch 🙂
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!
    Aurela x

  • This is amazing girl! I honestly coulnd’t agree more! I’m a big fan of simple colors such as black, white, and neutrals. I just really enjoy how they look on me. So I totally know what you mean when you say that incorporating color can be kind of hard. When I go shopping I try to think of what pieces feel summery or what colors I think will look good on me.
    I love the outift you are wearing! Very chik with a sophisticated touch. I’m especially in love with the jeans. They are really cute! You look absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing this post about how to incorporate more color into our wardrobes! I really enjoyed reading all about it, looking forward for what you come up with next! Loved it babe <3
    Vanessa, xo!

  • Such a fun fact! I love that you were a Polynesian dancer!
    It’s great that you are starting to bring color into your wardrobe! This pink shirt and the perforated flats can definitely bring more life to a wardrobe! I am still stuck with a neutral wardrobe, but you have inspired me to step out of my box.

  • I love your summer casual outfit, such a great choice. I love black and neutral colors too, so I’m breaking my all stereotypes this summer trying to combine bright colors together 🙂
    P.S. Polynesian dancing sounds so cool!!

  • If I’m ever in Portland, I have to stop by Shop Adorn! I love the pink on you! I go through waves of styles and I’m currently into color too! Love the dancers on your shirts and that’s so cool that you used to be a Polynesian dancer! What an interestedly awesome fact to learn about you! How wonderful that you got to meat up with another blogger! You always have the best brunch spots to go to and it makes me want to head your way just to check them out! I love the shade of your Hudson jeans and also those super cute shoes! Great look!

    Manda |

  • Girl you know I’m all about the pink! I love the tiny little embroidered hula dancers. Make no mistake, I’m obsession over the metallic shoes equally. Love this comfy brunch look- and brunch itself looked delicious!

  • I don’t think that wearing black and neutrals is boring, I think it’s very elegant and timeless. I’m not a huge fan of colours at all. So I know that struggle when you need to add a pop of colour to the look.
    However, this lovely blouse in a nice pale pink shade looks absolutely adorable. And the shoes – well, it’s the perfect match! Love this look.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • I think wearing colors is such a great way to jazz up your look, but I am more like you. I tend to stick to more neutral colors, but I have to say if I were to add a color it would be pink. its so fun and feminine. Just like the top you are wearing. It’s so flattering on you. I love how you have styled the whole look. so cool and chic!

    xx, Maryam

  • Hey Beautiful:)
    Hows you?
    Lovr Pink and Yellow too in this Summer I got some new pieces but Blue and the shades of Blue & Mint my Favorite:)
    That Cute pink Shirt how Lovely is:)
    Love the Print:)
    And the Fooood:) yummm:) Drooling:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Day for you

  • Oh yea, we are the total opposites. I love colors and patterns, so it’s not strange to find me in pink (especially pink) all year round. I love how you paired this hula top, the hula girl print is just adorable. Your brunch date looks so fun and yummy. You are so lucky to have such perfect weather right now even in summer where it’s not crazy hot. It’s 100ºF here in Denver, so definitely enjoy your brunch dates!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • When it comes to finding the perfect wardrobe for the summer, people usually look for floral prints. I like the fact that you went for a blouse that was completely different and unique. On top of that, the pale pink color is a good balance between trying something new while staying true to your unique style. Xo, Jessica

  • I’ve found that pink is a great pop of color with neutral looks, even if it’s a blush pink such as the color you’re wearing. I will definitely have to try yellow more often as well. There’s nothing wrong with a slight pop over a bold pop of color! Do what suits you best 🙂

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