The Secret To Effortless Beach Waves

The Secret To Effortless Beach Waves

Hello darlings,

So I’ve had many people ask me what it is that I do to get that effortless beach wavy look on my hair. I’m here to let you in on a little secret — it’s all about the product you use and I’ve been using Redken.

For the longest time, when I lived in LA my hair would go through so many crazy textures, lengths, frizziness and was just all around a hot mess. I would change my hair products all the time and I literally never found anything that stuck. I think my hair even went through some crazy changes but regardless I was so tired of figuring out what it was going to do next time I styled it.

When I moved to Oregon, I started noticing my hair change due to some environmental factors like weather and the water system. This is when I finally decided to take control of my hair finally once and for all and start a hair regimen. So I started using Redken’s Curvaceous Line. I swear to god I think it saved my hair. After literally years of it being frizzy, crazy and a beast that I couldn’t tame (literally) I found something that worked and voila beach waves!

Here I am about eight months later and I use it every time I wash my hair. Another thing I don’t do. I DON’T wash my hair everyday. I usually do every other day but everyone is different. Then once a week I use their intensive repair hair mask. If I want to give it an extra wave I use the hair activating spray.


*Special thanks to Redken for sending me this free product to review. All opinions are my own.

So, it’s true. Your hair stylist was right. It DOES matter what type of hair products you buy and use. Needless to say I’ve kicked out some of my oldies and stuck with Redken since. And if my hair gets a little too dry, I use their Redken extreme line. Now it may not be summer now, but I like having that mermaid hair (beach waves) all year round.

So now you know my secret! What are your favorite products to use to get that effortless and natural look?

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42 thoughts on “The Secret To Effortless Beach Waves”

  • Yes to that trick of only washing your hair every other day! I actually only wash mine twice a week but I’m a dry shampoo addict.

  • I’m the same, I don’t like to wash my hair every day, dry shampoo and hairspray keep me going! But I have been looking for some new products to try in my hair, so I’ll definitely look into this Redkin stuff. Thanks 🙂

  • I have frizzy hair and totally notice that humidity and climate affects it. I definitely need to try Redken brand of shampoos and conditioners to figure out what type is right for my hair. I actually just discovered this Sebastian Oil that I use to tame the frizz. It really works and I got it from Amazon. Thanks for the hair tips! xoxo, Christine

  • The only way I can get “effortless beach waves” is if I get extensions sewn into my hair haha! Nonetheless, I love the way yours look and the color you have suits you so well. I need to get me some beach waves sewn in soon. Redken will definitely be the brand I try first!

  • I have heard great things about those products. I love your hair and how long it is. I totally love how long your hair is. I can’t wait for my hair to keep growing and to get as long as your.I think climate has a big impact on our hair. It’s something we don’t always notice. I also don’t wash my hair everyday. The results are just so much better and your hair is just so much healthier if you don’t wash it all the time.

  • OOOOOOOO I used to use Redken a long time ago. I love beauty waves so I really need to try these out. Your’s turned out wonderful. I also just cut my hair quite short so beauty and effortless is all I’m going for right now 🙂

  • Wow ! Your hair is truly so gorgeous and I’m so glad you shared this tips on getting beachy waves ! I have to agree about only washing it every other day because I find when I keep my hair curly it’s better not to wash it so much. I will definitely check out these Redken products!

  • Such beautiful waves and hair you have babe! I use to do beach waves with my iron but since last year I want to give a break to the heat of my hair and now I’m looking for a product that can help me do it in a more natural way. For sure will make sure to try these so thanks for sharing this tips.


  • Since I move a lot and some many factors have changed my hair and I needed to test so many products to understand my hair. Finally I figured out in what weather condition I should use a certain product. I am so jealous, that you moved to Oregon, because I seriously love Oregon for beautiful nature and clean air. Your hair look fantastic and I will check this product!

  • Your hair looks amazing babe! I totally agree, your hair definitely needs the best of the best to look its best!
    My hair is so frizzy all the time, especially now that it gets more humid. I’m definitely giving Redken a try here, because nothing else has worked!
    Thanks for sharing babe
    PS: You look gorgeous in these pics! Love the photos!

  • You have beautiful hair. I have the same problem with my hair when I travel, my hair gets frizzy all the time. You are right I also don’t wash my hair daily, every other or even push to 2 days without a wash. I never tried this shampoo but I will give it a try for sure.
    Thanks for sharing! Aurela xoxox

  • Oh Redken is my fav brend ever!
    I already have these products and happy that you recommend these perfect items for effortless and natural look!

  • Their line sounds so impressive! The beachy waves you have are gorgeous – it looks effortless and natural which is exactly what i love so much about it. I definitely need to re-evaluate all the extra hair products that i’ve been using and invest in a few good ones instead.
    This was definitely so insightful babe! Thanks for the tips, i’ll check this line out for sure


  • Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I used to wash my hair everyday, but I know it’s not good for the hair so now I’m trying to wash it twice or three times a week. Now that the weather is warm again, beach waves are the best for any hair.

    xx, Maryam

  • Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    I have very long hair, Not easy to style:) I never tried Redken but I red many great Reviews already:) I love To have light Beach Waves Looks really perfect and very Natural:) Just Love it:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Tuesday:)

  • You hair is absolutely gorgeous and it looks so healthy babe. I think climate change makes so much of a difference to hair. It’s hard living in a humid country, my hair is seriously all over the place and super frizzy in Singapore. But it used to be so much better when I lived in London and Qatar. I am still trying to find the right products for me. I definitely need to try Redken’s products, I am sure they will have a solution to help my hair condition .


  • Such a great post about great products to use for good hair! I am just now noticing how much water affects your hair! It’s crazy! I actually use coconut oil as a treatment once a week to maintain moisture and then I found this Palmers Coconut Oil shampoo that I use as well! It’s like $5-10 and I’m obsessed right now! I’m still playing with hair mask to find one I really love. I used to use Moroccan oil but started noticing my scalp drying because of the alcohol in it! It does make your hair feel great though! Must try the product you recommended!

    Manda |

  • Your hair looks beautiful. And I agree, weather and the water system could do so much to change how your hair is. I was in Texas, but moved to Colorado for 3 years now. And the dry weather here has changed my hair so much. I’ve been using the salon products that my hairstylist recommends, but I’ve also heard such good things about Redken. So I would love to try this brand as well.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • In the past I’m used too the Redken products, and if you choose the right line for your hair type you can see the difference.
    I’m have a short hair and wash every day so for me is impiortant too to use good products.
    Thanks for sharing your hair looking very nice.

  • I long lived in the belief that hairdressers just said that to make us buy their expensive products, but have come to the realization that it actually does make a difference what we put in our hair or not (and how often). I was introduced to Redken years ago and haven’t changed since! 🙂 And keep those lovely waves flowing no matter if it’s in Cali or Oregon! 🙂

  • You have amazing hair! Looks very healthy and strong! It is really important to find out wich products is good for your hair and I heard great stories about Redken! My hair is dry too might try out the extreme line. Thanks for the tip! xoxo Elif

  • I agree about how the water system contributes to our hair and even on our skin. My derma also told me about this as I noticed how horrible my hair is since I moved to Toronto . I love your hair and I think I would try this for myself tomorrow! thank you


  • Your hair is stunning! I love the effortless look. It is so hard finding something that cooperates with my hair. I have heard good things about Redken. I may have to give it a try!

    Thanks for sharing! XO

  • I’m with you girl- products matter! I love redken anti-snap myself. I used to have curls before the bleach straightened them all out 😖😖, but you have the most gorgeous mermaid waves! Hair envy over here!

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