Fall Dresses and Foliage

Fall Dresses and Foliage

Hello darlings,

Oh my gosh has this week been busy. Something about the holidays. I was hoping to get this post up sooner but you know life happened. In the midst of trying to get my Oregon license and plates, I really felt like this was the perfect time for me to post my most fallest outfit yet. I went to brunch over the weekend with my fellow blogger friend Looks Like Rein and we chose to go somewhere by U of O. A new place that I actually hadn’t been to before called Agate Alley Bistro. I’ve been told by so many people how good it was and I’m SO glad I checked it out.

I hadn’t felt the true meaning of fall pretty much ever in my life until roaming around by the university and snapping some beautiful pictures of foliage. While people here mostly always are dressed casually, I’m always pretty much dressed up. It’s something I’ve dealt with any time I’ve been outside of LA because you know most people aren’t always trying to dress to impress. They’re more of the jeans and a tee type. My friend who is also from California and I were discussing how refreshing it felt to be around each other because well we just get it, fashion and all things — not that there’s anything wrong with keeping it casual. It’s been very fun trying new spots, shooting together and talking all things fashion and blogging. Also, I’d like to note that my dress was a little over the top for brunch. Well, you can go ahead and decide for yourself. My high slit two-layered dress is from BCBG (my fave, no surprise here). I paired it with my trusty leather jacket and a pair of booties. See below for some fall foliage and more:


bcbg bcbg3 img_1020

img_1115 img_1157 img_1163

As far as fall dresses go, I’m digging the neutrals right now. Anything sweater like or long and sexy is totally my thing.

TBH, with temps being in the 40s here I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to wear just yet tomorrow. Probably a fur coat and I’ll look absolutely ridiculous (internally laughing) and fabulous. That’s just how I roll.

I’d like to say that after a month and a half of starting this new blog I am very thankful for how far I’ve come with it and for all of my readers.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Jacqueline Valle

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