Feast Portland: Rosé All Day & Brunch Village

Feast Portland: Rosé All Day & Brunch Village

Hello loves!

This past weekend I had the honor of attending Feast Portland. As a foodie, rosé and brunch lover, I was thrilled to be able to attend both of these events. The weekend consisted of tasting food, wine, beer and desserts. From sipping while while simultaneously learning about what makes rosé so special, to hopping around the different tents to discover new ways brunch is presented, it was truly and experience.


I’ll start with my first and favorite event. We tasted eight different types of wines as four panelists discussed the history behind rosé, the different types of notes we were tasting and where they originated from to what types of wines they weren’t particularly fond of. Fun fact: The aristocrats used to drink rosé as they felt red wine was more for the lower class. Rosé in fact is actually a classy wine that people drank for years before it became a trendy thing. It was a symbol of status in Europe. I think my favorite wine was the Miraval wine or as they call it the Brangelina rosé. It’s seriously perfect in taste and I could drink that wine any day. Quite frankly, all the rosés were really delicious. I also loved the Argyle brut rosé. What I loved the most about this event. It was intimate. I was able to ask the panelists questions and really learn a lot about wine.

I did have a chance to stop by the Grand Tasting. Here’s a glimpse of the most magical donuts I have ever had!


Brunch Village was what I had been looking forward to. Unfortunately for me, there were several things that had nuts or shellfish that I couldn’t try. After being on my feet the whole day the day before, my knee wasn’t too happy the following day so I tried to go to as much as I could. A few favorites were the cocktail weiners and Bloody Mary bar at the Bon Appetit tent as well as the hush puppies. The one that definitely won for me was from Chef Daniel N Oseas from Broder Cafe. It was a waffle with mascarpone cream and loganberry jam. Best thing I’ve EVER had. The English muffin with sausage and egg from Chef Matt Sigler at Figlia was also great! The Turkish hummus with maple and sage sausage from Butcher & Bee wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my favorite.

Things I didn’t taste were the seafood cocktail since I have a shellfish allergy, the coconut chia pudding, hazelnut biscuit, breakfast fruit crisp , and the yogurt with fruit on the bottom.  There was also a paleo waffle that looked amazing but unfortunately was made with almond flour. I’m sure that was amazing. Things I wish I tried but didn’t have a chance were the b’day brekkie, the chicken and waffle and the bagel bomb! Mimosa was courtesy of Gruet!

Overall an amazing experience! Since this was my first time I didn’t really know what to expect. I went solo and sort of floated around and tried to get around to as much as I could try. Next time I know to plan ahead and try to meet up with some fellow bloggers I may have missed! I did get to meet some really nice and friendly people and really explore my taste buds which was fascinating. I learned so much about wine, food and all things that Portland has to offer.

Until next time feast! This brunchinista was stuffed!






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