My Weekend In LA ( & The Cutest Brunch Cafe By The Beach)

My Weekend In LA ( & The Cutest Brunch Cafe By The Beach)

Hello loves,

I hope you all had a happy holiday! I spent my weekend ( & then some) in Los Angeles. While I anticipated taking a plethora of photos, I spent more time bonding with my best friend and family than actually documenting every second. I will say, I did take a moment to go to brunch to a new spot called Little Ruby’s near 3rd Street in Santa Monica.

Unlike most trips, this one was centered around taking a moment and actually enjoying myself. So many times I travel and I think ( I NEED to create all the content and take all the photos.) This time was so different. Friday night I got in super late and my friend Madison and I went to the Bungalow for a few drinks. Saturday we got up and headed to the promenade and stumbled upon this cute cafe, Little Ruby’s.

To be honest everything on the menu looked AMAZING. I went for the avocado toast with one egg and she had the breakfast bowl. The presentation was beautiful, service was great and it was right by the beach.

Options for drinks were juices, coffee or a cocktail. I stuck to water as I felt dehydrated after a night out. I wore the cutest little sweater I got from H&M paired with a skater skirt and my favorite OTK boots. I mean so perfect for LA. I’ve actually worn this exact outfit in the past but with a different sweater. What can I say I’m a creature of habit. Scroll down to see the goodies. You’ll want to check this out if you’re in town.

The spread

Breakfast Bowl: poached egg, pesto brown rice, greens, zucchini, avocado

Avocado Toast: on eight grain or ciabatta toast and one egg

You can shop this entire outfit on my LIKETKIT by going here.

After brunch we shopped around, got some gifts for my friends family and then headed back for a nice nap. I was so tired from the week I just wanted to chill. We decided to stay in, watch a movie and drink wine. I CANNOT tell you how much I missed doing things like that. Those are the little things I miss about living in LA. My close friends. The rest of my time I spent with family. I stayed at my sisters and we celebrated Christmas together. It really was much needed. After moving away from family it’s been hard connecting with them from so far away. It made me realize I want to create a stronger bond with not only my sister, but also my nieces.

As much as I love blogging, I’d love for 2018 to be more about me and the people in my life that I love. So much of this year has been dominated by challenges and my injury that it was sort of the cloud on 2017. The next year brings opportunity, it brings courage and lots of love.

I look forward to seeing what the year brings as I travel with the man who makes me feel lucky to have moved to Oregon all in the name of love. I rarely talk about him on here, but everyday he makes me feel grateful for having him in my life. So if you’re reading this, I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for Oregon and the life we live and I’m looking forward to the next year.

Hope your holiday was filled with lots of laugh, hugs an kisses.

All my love



12 thoughts on “My Weekend In LA ( & The Cutest Brunch Cafe By The Beach)”

  • Oh dear Jacqueline, this is exactly what you need to do as you said it yourself. To actually not document every single second of life and live it instead feels so good and a digital detox is so important at times! Although I love reading your content and looking at your pictures, don’t forget to take care of yourself at times as well. Despite that you did have time to recommend a lovely brunch café for me to put on my already extensive list of places you’ve recommended. Have a Happy New Year!
    Thomas xx

  • I feel like this year has been a little manic for everyone and it seems everyone needs to spend 2018 focusing on themselves rather than projecting a certain image online. Definitely glad you got to spend some quality time with family and friends because this is so important to keep yourself sane in this crazy world of blogging and social media!!

    Hope you have a fabulous New Years honey!!

    H x

  • I need to check out Little Ruby since I’m always in Santa Monica! That breakfast bowl looked amazing as that avocado was perfectly green and round. I hope you find some time to rest going into the new year and enjoy every moment around you. I miss Oregon so much and I wanted to go back for Christmas but it just didn’t work out. Hope you enjoyed your time in CA!

  • Avocado post is definitely my favorite! I usually make it myself every weekend for my husband and he loves it. Happy New Year, can’t wait for more content to come!

  • Little Ruby’s looks like such a nice spot to brunch! The aesthetic is so lovely! It’s always SO much better when content is created naturally and not forcefully although, many times you have no choice in this business! The food looks delicious and I’m happy that you had a lovely holiday spent with family! It’s so sweet that you are mentioning your man on here! I love hearing more personal detail from everyone I read about! Stunning in your outfit too! I hope your new year is starting out amazing!

    Manda |

  • Hey Darling,
    How was Holidays?
    Wish you Happy 2018:)
    Definitely agree with you, and 2018 I will focus besides of work on Some “Me” Time too.
    I am always sooo busy with Works…
    And this place… Ohhh those Food Pictures, Iooks sooo Yummm, Super Hungry now:)
    Love Kisses

  • Happy New years babe. – Hope you had a great time! I absolutely need to go to this place when I’m in LA. Theres so many great places to eat but will definitely will love to go to the ones you recommend. Everything looks so delicious and absolutely love they have ago toast they are my favourites. I absolutely love your outfit too.


  • Brunch is amazing and brunch with a great view is even better! Little Ruby’s looks like the perfect spot for me to visit in L.A. because of that avocado toast. it looks so delicious with that egg on top. I definitely plan on spending more time with those I love in 2018!

  • After reading this post, I went to Yelp and what do you know? I bookmarked this spot awhile back and completely forgot about it! I’m looking forward to having a new brunch adventure next time I’m in Santa Monica. Thanks for the tip!

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