Lauretta Jean’s PDX ( & things I did over the long weekend)

Lauretta Jean’s PDX ( & things I did over the long weekend)

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a great weekend. For the long weekend, I spent every day celebrating my birthday by doing my favorite things with all the people I love. So I snagged a room at my favorite hotel and head up to Portland! First stop was Lauretta Jean’s which by far has the best eggs Benedict I’ve had in a while.

I initially wanted to do a full birthday post but I actually spent less time behind the camera and more of it enjoying the wonderful company of my friends. Actually my favorite moments all happened after I stopped sharing on social media. It got me to thinking about the friends I have around me right now. It was very hard to not spend my 30th birthday with friends and family from my hometown but it was also really refreshing to have friends here who took the time and effort to come out to hang out with me. It’s always a good time when people don’t make excuses and just show up to show you they care. So I’m very thankful for those that were able to make it out.

Since I don’t have a plethora of photos from the busy weekend, let’s get down to the brunch at Lauretta Jean’s. I went for the lox biscuit and my boyfriend had the eggs Benedict (I know the one time I chose something different I end up liking the Benny more). We started our Saturday with a brunch at this quaint little spot off division. Lauretta Jeans’s famously known for their BOMB AF pies and pastry selection along with their delectable biscuits. Soft and crispy, they are a definitely a treat to be had. I skipped out on having coffee since I already had one on the way up to Portland and wasn’t really in the mood for a cocktail. Scroll down for some delicious brunch dishes that are seriously drool-worthy.

If you’re ever in Portland make sure to stop by this amazing spot. There are a lot of places to try in PDX but I chose this one specifically after a local chef in town recommended. Pros: there was no line and it was quick and easy. Cons: Actually zero I can think of.

What did you do this Labor Day weekend? Let me know in the comments below!



16 thoughts on “Lauretta Jean’s PDX ( & things I did over the long weekend)”

  • That meal looks so tasty! The presentation looks exquisite, and it’s good to know that there wasn’t much of a wait at the restaurant. I’m glad that you enjoyed your Labor Day birthday. The long weekend is the perfect amount of time to unwind and try all sorts of new things. I’ve never been to Lauretta Jeans, but I will have to make sure to check it out if I’m ever in Portland!

    ~xo Sheree

  • First of all belated congrats on your birthday. I am happy you actually spent your birthday enjoying it instead of keeping us updated on social media (although I would have want to seen the behind the scenes happiness occurring during your special day). By the looks of it you had an amazing one and I’m glad you had some quality time! 🙂
    Thomas xx

  • Glad to hear that you had a great time for your bday just hanging out with friends and family. It’s actually nice to take that break and not be behind the camera and really be in the moment and appreciate the support you have. This brunch spot looks so yummy. I love eggs benedict too but the lox biscuit looks equally amazing. Yum! xoxo, Christine

  • Happy 30th Birthday! It sounds like you had a great one! It is so nice to spend time with your closest family and friends. Sometimes spending time in front of the camera takes away from the quality time you spend with your loved ones.

    Your meals at Lauretta Jean’s Portland really are drool worthy!

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Omg, I feel a bit depressed thinking that I never can celebrate my birthday, because every time when we move to new place, I have to find new friends. And the birthday became a depressing celebration. Somehow always happen that people who are my friends live in other countries. So I am quite jealous that you get to hang out with your friends and do all your favorite things. This food looks so amazing!

    • Aw that’s such a bummer. You gotta make the best of it. I’m lucky that I have my one friend in Portland but making friends is hard when you move to a new place! I was pretty bummed out that all my friends are in different parts of the country but you can’t let that bring you down! It’s the day you get to celebrate you 🙂

  • Happy birthday! 30 is the new 20! These eggs do look delish!And I love pie! This place sounds amazing! And you don’t have to be in every photo – sometimes it’s nice to just be behind the camera and keep some things private. Wishing you many more tasty birthdays to come!

  • Hey Jacqueline ,

    Lauretta Jean’s must be the best place to have a brekie. Now I ‘ve put Portland on my bucket list primarily because of this beautiful place. I must try their BOMB AF pies and pastries!


  • Happy belated 30th Birthday, gorgeous!!! So glad you had a great time. The big 3-0 is a great milestone – You’ll love your 30’s. This blog post just made me so hungry. The food looks amazing.

    J. x

  • I think I slept through the entire Labor Day weekend actually haha. It’s good to know you enjoyed your birthday weekend! I have heard great things about Eggs Benedict, but have never actually tried it myself. I’ll be sure to now if I’m ever in Portland!

  • Happy late b-day and hope you had a great time babe!!
    I have never been to Portland but definitely those beneddict eggs make worth a visit!! So thanks for the recommendation will for sure make sure to visit this place. The food looks so delicious


  • Glad to hear that you’ve spent your birthday with people you love. Happy birthday dear, and wish you all the best!
    I really would love to visit Portland one day and I definitely should come to Lauretta Jean’s for a brunch! The dishes look so delicious.

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