The Perfect Little Black Dress To Wear For Wine Tasting

The Perfect Little Black Dress To Wear For Wine Tasting

Hello darlings,

I hope you’re all having a great month of May. I can’t believe it’s been three months today since I had my ACL surgery. Recovery has been quite the challenge and dressing up has too! I’m finally almost walking without a limp and I have full range of motion which is HUGE! This past weekend was literally the PERFECT weather and it really inspired me to get out of my torn ACL funk and head out to the country for some wine tasting.

A part of me wearing the good ol’ leggings and a sweater for the last few months was partially weather and it was literally all I could wear to remain comfortable. I’m not one to wear overly tight clothing (it’s just not my thing) so when picking something to wear now that the weather allows, I wanted to look cute and fashionable cause duh wine tasting!

This cold shoulder dress from Parker James is seriously MAJOR. I love the way it flows, the silhouette is seriously on point and the length is serious perfection. While yes you can definitely see my scars from surgery, it’s sort of the reminder that I still have a long way to go but I’m ready to embrace what’s left to come.

I haven’t felt more like myself since the before my surgery until I dressed up on Sunday to go out and do the thing I love. While this isn’t my typical brunch post, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite things to do post-brunch or when I’m not brunching it up around town. My love for wine is unreal and the perfect LBD goes hand-in-hand with the right glass of wine. So grab a glass of wine, enjoy the beautiful greenery and check out them awesome shades I’m also wearing. I can’t stop wearing them.

{Forever 21 hat, Parker James sunglasses and LBD dress, Via Spiga booties}

So, I know some of you are just dying to head out to wine country now that it’s basically summer. What’s your favorite thing to wear?




*This post was in collaboration with Parker James. All opinions are my own.

30 thoughts on “The Perfect Little Black Dress To Wear For Wine Tasting”

  • I’m so impressed with how quickly you’re recovering and regaining full movement.

    PS – if you still lived in LA I would most for sure be borrowing that dress indefinitely.

  • This is truly the perfect black dress to wear for wine tasting and that sounds like a really great idea ! I would definitely wear something like this and I especially love how you styled it! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  • Sorry to hear that the recovery has been difficult. Hang in there and I know it you will be fully recovered in no time! This is the perfect wine tasting dress! I love the open shoulders and the skirt part of the dress. I think you styled it perfectly with the booties and the hat. Such a great boho look. I hope you had a blast and enjoyed the tastings and company! xoxo, Christine

  • I’m glad you are recovering babe!! Recovery are not easy but I’m sure dressing nice and getting some dress up time is always fun of course feeling in your old skin. I have to say this black dress look amazing on you and they way you style is es perfect with the cute hat and those boots.


  • I’m sorry to hear about your surgery but I’m glad to hear your getting better.I myself have knee issues and know how bad it can be so I can totally have empathy for your situation.I hate my scars on my knees and i think it’s really cool that your moving upwards and onwards.That dress looks amazing on you.
    Natalia K

  • So So glad you are recovering so well from your surgery! It’s so good to hear your range of motion has improved as well! So great that you were able to get out and go wine tasting as well! Your Parker James cold shoulder dress is such a great and comfortable looking LBD! I love the shape of your sunglasses too! So perfect! I usually go for some sort of flowing midi dress when I go wine tasting!

    Manda |

  • I’m glad you’re on the way to recovery lady and I am also a lover of wineries and just sitting in a beautiful vineyard trying wines with a fresh cheese and cold cuts platter is just IDEAL!! You look fabulous in this little black dress lady!

    Helen xx

  • Good to hear that you are recovering from your surgery, hope you feel better soon! I’m in love with your little black dress. I personally think that they are an essential in a woman’s wardrobe because it’s such a versatile and cute piece! I love the shoulder cut of the one you are wearing! Thanks for sharing babe, loved it <3

    Vanessa, xoxo!

  • Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Such a Perfect Little Black Dress, Love the open Shoulder part and how you styled:) Loved the Boots as well:)
    And I am obsessed when you wear Hat:) Sooo Pretty on you:)
    I need your Dress sooo much:)
    I can imagine myself in a Blue one 🙂
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Tuesday

  • Babe, I hope you have a speedy recovery! The little black dress by Parker James is absolutely gorgeous. I think we all have a special LBD we all go to and pull out. I don’t think it matters that you could see your scar with the cold shoulder cut because it’s a beautiful reminder that you are strong and you are where you are today. I’m glad you have such a positive outlook.

  • Glad to hear your are feeling better and were able to go out and enjoy the weather.. I am a wine lover too and wine tasting is my favourite thing to do. You look adorable in that dress and you accessories are on point. A perfect out to wear for a wine tasting. I would wear the same thing too.
    Hope you had a great time!


  • I am lost in the sauce…I had no idea you had ACL surgery! I sure am happy you’ve recovered well from it. I know from grade school and being in sports with others how bad it can be, so you’re very blessed for sure! I’ve never been to a wine tasting before, but this would be my dress of choice for sure! It looks comfy and also loose-fitting, perfect for a day out!

  • First, I am glad your recovery is going well and you are feeling better and better every day. Wine tasting is so fun. I am a big wine drinker so any excuse to drink wine is good for me 🙂 Your dress is so perfect for the occasion and I like your hat and sunglasses too. They match perfectly.

    xo, Maryam

  • I am so glad to hear that your surgery is done and you are feeling better. I have a knee problem lately too, but y doctor said it is just a muscle. I hope nothing is serious!
    Wine tasting break is probably the best after recovery. I love how you styled this pieces all together.

  • Good to hear you’re doing better after your surgery girl!
    This LBD is perfection and I’ve never been wine tasting before (but I love wine!!), but this is definitely something I would wear for that or any occasion!
    You look head to toe perfect 🙂

  • Love how you put that look together! It’s definitely perfect for the occasion and the hat is a nice touch. xo, Jessica

  • Indeed, this is like the perfect little black dress with a twist! And it seems perfect for almost any occasion, not only for wine tasting :). The cut out in the shoulder area makes it even sweeter and pairing it with that adorable hat and the black booties made the outfit exquisite! Wishing you a lovely day! xx


  • I’ m so glad you are recovering nicelu after the surgery! This dtess is beautiful and it fits you perfectly! I love wearing dresses and palazzo pants when it’s summer because they are so comfy and easy to style!

  • Oh hun, I’m so glad you’re finally starting to feel that some things are back to normal, like walking without much of a limp, but then again, recovery takes time and you should allow it to do so. However I’m glad you can finally dress up and feel like yourself again and it wouldn’t be you if you wouldn’t be out there enjoying brunch or some wine tasting like this time! 🙂 So happy for you!

  • So glad you’re feeling better after the surgery, love this little black dress! it looks perfect on you and the accessories simple yet perfect and great for a little wine tasting. Have a fab week babe and take care.

    XO WP

  • This is the perfect wine tasting outfit. I think it is so cute with the cold shoulder details. It makes it a very feminine look which I love. And adding that hat is just darling. I hope you have a speedy rest of your recovery!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

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