How I finally Fell In Love With Jeans ( & Body Image Issues Every Woman Struggles With)

How I finally Fell In Love With Jeans ( & Body Image Issues Every Woman Struggles With)

Hello loves,

Many of you may not know this about me but I use to HATE jeans. Literally with a loathing passion (or pants for that matter). To be quite honest, up until I moved to the PNW I rarely wore them. So much that I think I only owned maybe four pairs of jeans. I know that’s shocking to some of you but I’m more of a dress and booties kind of gal. So in this week’s series of real talk I’m going to be talking about body image, my relationship with jeans and sizing overall.

Let me start by saying, I think ALL women struggle with body image issues. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to other women, models, celebrities, etc. It doesn’t matter what size you are, you ALWAYS feel inadequate, that’s just the truth. My whole life I’ve been really petite, but that never stopped my mind from believing that I still didn’t look “good enough”. This constant battle of struggling for perfection is a self-fulfilling prophecy. At the end of the day, it’s never “enough”. At least for me, that’s how it’s always been.

I look at the number on the scale and it could say 90 or 120 and to me I always feel like I look the same. Strange isn’t it? When I talk to other friends who didn’t struggle with an eating disorder they still had some type of body image issue. So I KNOW it’s not just me. Let me clear to state for the record that those are two very different things. Having an ED is not something to take lightly, I have just chosen to make light of it given the fact that it’s something I’ve always struggled with.

To be frank, I’m probably the healthiest I’ve ever been. And even through the battle of telling my mind that it’s not about the number, I still chose to eat and TRY extremely hard to be healthy. There are days where I don’t think about it. If you’re asking at this point, how it all is this related to wearing jeans, oh but it is! It’s actually the whole story of why I dress the way I do. Why I wear frumpy clothes (it’s a habit for hiding what’s underneath), why I wear dresses ( I feel more comfortable and beautiful in dresses) and why I hate fitted clothes ( I feel like it accents everything that I don’t want to accent).

So there you have it. Years of me avoiding jeans because frankly it always accents THE WRONG part of my body. No matter how petite I am, how healthy I eat, how much I exercise I CANNOT for the life of me get rid of my hips. I’m Latina, it makes me part of who I am. For the last almost 10 years since they’ve decided to make their presence known, I have struggled with dressing myself in jeans. And here’s why, no jean is like any other. SERIOUSLY? So now not only do I have to try EVERY SINGLE jean on, but all the sizing is different. Good grief.

Brand to brand, sizing differs so much. It’s actually one of THEE most frustrating things for me. Oh and here’s the fun part, every woman is shaped differently so that varies too. I’m sure I’m not the only person who is “in-between sizes”. That’s right, I’m in the middle, whatever that means, making it even harder to shop for jeans. And guess what also else? My hips are a lot bigger than my waist so that whole bottom area is just really disproportionate.

I know what you’re thinking… Oh but you’re skinny. You’re not curvy. WRONG. SO SO WRONG. I’m tired of people looking at me and telling me that “I’m not curvy”. I think I would know since you know, I’ve lived in this body for 30 years. ALL women are shaped differently. Just because I’m not Scarlett Johansson curvy, doesn’t mean I’m not curvy. There’s just varying types of curvy.

So how DID I get to the point where I LOVE jeans? Well I like them a lot more than I use to. I first started wearing Frame Denim which are still one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I wear them ALL of the time. I continue searching for other brands that would fit just right. And so we have this outfit below. After searching for the right jean, I found Hudson jeans, which seem to fit me PERFECTLY, and I started feeling a lot more comfortable in my skin (or jeans for that matter).

So it may take a lifetime (or years) to find the right jeans that make you feel okay enough to wear denim, but it was worth it. I wear these everywhere I go, with pretty much everything I own when I’m trying to feel like a badass.

Scroll through for the cutest cafe denim outfit.


Photos taken by Meggan Graton

At the end of the day, we all have something we struggle with. For me it’s my hips, they always get the best of me. But just remember, we’re all weirdly going through life comparing ourselves to other people. When I look at these photos I realize in fact how tiny I am. How ridiculous it is to compare myself to someone else.

I’m not saying let yourself go and forget about being healthy. I am ALL about finding love in yourself and being confident. But be healthy! Treat yourself well.  Nurture your body. Love it by feeding it, exercising it and making it stronger. At the end of the day, you do have the power to change your body, but you also have to change your mind. I hope this motivates you to be open about what you may be struggling with. We’re not perfect and it’s ridiculous to even think that you can ever be perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s real talk. Do you struggle with sizing? Body image issues?

Let me know in the comments below.

Let’s have a conversation!

You can shop this full look on my LIKETK.IT or by going here.



16 thoughts on “How I finally Fell In Love With Jeans ( & Body Image Issues Every Woman Struggles With)”

  • Honestly I think jeans are one of the most difficult things to purchase and get right (and swimsuits). You literally have to try on every single pair even if it is the same brand and style. Everyone hates the way their butt looks in jeans just like everyone hates hearing the sound of their own voice. So kudos to you for finding the perfect pair. Now go buy it in every single color! LOL. But honestly, everyone struggles with body issues even if you are skinny. There are all parts of ourselves that we don’t like or we want to change. But self love and acceptance is important and celebrating what we do like about ourselves is also important. Focus on the positives and accept the negatives. =). xoxo, Christine

  • I hear you girl! I love denim now but am very picky. I love Frame but my other favourite designers are AG jeans and STS Blue. STS Blue is sold at Nordstrom and is so so reasonable (usually $50) and fit so good. Just FYI if you’re ever looking to try some different brands hun!

  • Hi dear!

    I absolutely relate to this.
    Honestly, I have just one pair of jeans, and I wear them very rarely.
    I totally agree with your words that we all should learn how to accept and love our bodies!


  • I can totally related to your feeling. It took me 40 years finally get confident in my body and my look. Somehow we women are the worst critic for ourselves. So happy that you have gained your confidence finally. And you look absolutely beautiful in jeans. I am a fan of Frame jeans too. They just fit me perfectly. Seven and J Brand are also my favorite brand jeans.



  • Hey Sweetie,
    How are you?
    100% agree with you Darling:)
    When I try to buy the Perfect Jeans… ohhh takes me hours and days lol.
    Nobody is perfect but we should Love and Accept ourselves how we are.
    Wish you Happy Week
    Love, Kisses Karina

  • Hey girlfriend!

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggle, and I am sure that most women can relate to that loathing feeling over jeans. It is too crazy how a stinkin pair of pants can bring on so much anxiety!
    However, women like you are exactly what keeps other women uplifted. Sometimes it’s scary to admit an insecurity, and I admire you whole heartedly!

    Thank you for being gorgeous, inside AND out!


  • Hey love,
    How are you? I love this! I find this to be such a unique and totally relatable post. I have to say I adore your outfit. I love how casual yet stylish it is. Those boots are everything, I actually have a similar pair and I love them so much. Thanks for sharing love, you look absolutely stunning!

  • Jeans used to be the absolute worst for me as well until I discovered European jeans. My issue is that my thighs and butt are bigger and very few jeans can fit both of those AND also be long enough for my long legs. I am glad you’ve grown more confident in wearing jeans. These look great on you!

  • I can understand you I’m can’t put jeans in the warm season. I know a lot of people do that. Now I’m going to wear shorts and skirts. Just let breathe my legs lol;)
    Your jeans look is very pretty maybe you can find the ideal pair for you. Sometimes is nice to change habits in our life or experience new.
    Kisses from Italy

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