The Most Comfortable & Most Loved OTK Boots Of The Season

The Most Comfortable & Most Loved OTK Boots Of The Season

Hello loves,

I wanted to share with you guys this week that I finally got my hands on a new pair of OTK boots and I have to tell you I’m so happy I did! Finding a style that’s perfect for my skinny legs has ALWAYS been so crazy hard. Finding one’s that were comfortable for my recovering knee –even harder.

As most of you know who have been following me for some time now, I tore my ACL earlier this year and pulled my hamstring in late July making so many of everyday life things a lot more difficult (ie wearing heels, running, wearing uncomfortable clothing, etc). The thing that my injury did teach me was to be inventive with how to wear comfortable clothes but still look cute. This same concept came into play when I was purchasing a pair of over-the-knee boots (OTK).

I had been wearing the same one’s for the last two/three years but didn’t love how they looked. They didn’t fit right around my thigh and the heel wasn’t going to work for me this time around. Luckily, I found some inexpensive OTK boots at DSW and I was hooked. I tried them on and they slipped on so easily and tied in the back which was PERFECT. I walked around the store and thought to myself, these are doable I’m getting them. I wore them an entire day while shooting and they never bothered my feet. And guess what? A lot of bloggers are all sporting these inexpensive Stuart Weitzman look a-likes because let’s be real, most of us can’t afford the designer pair. While I love the SW pair, I tend to go for practicality and comfort and of course something that’s budget friendly. The pair I got from Unisa were only $80! Such a steal.

I paired my OTK boots with a distressed sweater I got from the rack by Supplies by Union Bay and my favorite pair of Rag & Bone skinnies that I got from Intermix. You can shop this entire look if you care about direct links on my LIKETOKNOWIT or here.

I was so happy I got to meet with my photographer Whitney over the weekend. Her and I have been working on her site so head over and keep on checking as we constantly make improvement! And of course to show her some support. I love that her and I have been able to connect not only as blogger and photographer but also as friends. She’s so easy to shoot with and she does a great job of making me feel comfortable behind the lens. Scroll down to see our fun shoot that we shot in Downtown Eugene.

Photos by Whitney Lily Photography

I’ve had a LOT of people asking me what I’ve been putting in my hair! I have a little secret for you guys but I think I’m going to wait on that and cover it on my next blog post. Circle back next week so I can tell you my beauty updates that have been slaying my hair and giving it that ultra shine.

I hope you all enjoyed this full fashion post. Would you love to see more outfits, more beauty or loving all the food?

I’m trying to diversify my blog and just post what I love and I had so much fun with Whit shooting this!



14 thoughts on “The Most Comfortable & Most Loved OTK Boots Of The Season”

  • I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with OTK boots because I’ve found the same problem – they never fit around the thighs right and end up slouching which then leaves me constantly bending over to pull them back up! Haha first world problems but these look incredibly comfortable and I love how they have no heel to them but still look slimming.

    Can’t wait to read about what you do for your hair!

    H xx

  • You need to wear more OTK boots – your legs look super long in those! And I have thin legs too and I hate wearing boots that look like garbage bags around my calves. I used to spend a fortune having them tailored to my legs but now I just wear booties to avoid the issue. And your hair does look super healthy – can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing with it!

  • I love OTK’s to style in Fall! It is probably only one reason why I love fall, otherwise I hate when it gets less sunny and more rains. You styled very nicely your OTK’s, I actually find a hard time to wear them over the jeans, my legs don’t get enough blood circulation when I wear them on jeans. But thanks for sharing, maybe I just need a new pair of boots 😉

  • Hey Darling:)
    How are you?
    First Obsessed with your Sweater, Looks so Cozy on you:) And Adore the Color:)
    That OTK boots super Pretty:)
    My Favorite piece in Fall/Winter:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy New Week

  • Those boots are so cute! I love this over-the-knee style, and I have been seeing everyone rocking it lately. It’s nice that these ones are not only adorable, but comfy as well. I’ll have to check out this brand!

    ~xo Sheree

  • To answer you question, I definitely love a little bit of everything! Keep the amazing content coming! This sweater, I have to tell you, is absolutely incredible on you. This is definitely your color and with those gorgeous locks! It just pops! You are such a natural beauty! I have a tough time with OTK boots too and I imagine, with your injury, it makes it all the more difficult! So glad you found a pair that work for you and what a great price point! I just recently purchased and almost identical pair that tie back as well! Love the beautiful lighting in these photos so props to your talented photographer!

    Manda |

  • This look is fabulous and it’s so me! Love it head to toe, that sweater looks so comfy and chic at the same time and your over the knee boots are super nice. The perfect shoewear to rock the fall winter season, I have a pair in black too and loved them because they are so versatile and go great with almost everything.
    Great post girl!

  • Over the knee boots are my favourite to wear during the autumn-winter season. Not mentioning they look so adorable, the also very comfy. I love the pair you’re wearing, they’re so stylish and elegant. The pictures are gorgeous, I love the atmosphere! You look so pretty and your hair is absolutely on point!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • I’m absolutely obsessed with OTK boots, it’s crazy! The other day I got the same pair in 3 different colors, and now I see yours and I want them too (I guess I can justify myself because I don’t have any flat pair)!

  • It also took me a while to get the perfect pair of OTK boots because I had a big issue with them sliding down all the time! I also LOVE the Stuart Weitzman options, but I just can’t justify spending that much on a pair of boots unless I find them on sale. And I have to agree with everyone else that has mentioned your hair. It looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see your secrets 🙂

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