The Perfect Winter Coat When It’s Not Freezing

Hello darlings,

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. These days it’s been pretty chilly out — freezing to be exact.

Luckily I was able to snag some photos last weekend when it was sunny and the perfect weather for my new favorite winter coat. I did some major bargain shopping over the holidays at Nordstrom Rack and found a major steal. This Sam Edelman coat for $45 originally $300, and my new favorite pair of black skinnies from Frame Denim for $55 originally $200. I was also lucky enough to find some amazingly affordable sweaters at H&M and the belt, well it’s vintage. It’s the right outfit to wear for brunch or even date night. I mean it’s all black so you really can’t go wrong.

{H&M sweater, FRAME denim, vintage belt, Sam Edelman Coat, Daniel Wellington watch, Sole Society booties}

Many of you have been asking what I do to my hair (it’s all natural) in this shoot. I typically use the Redken Curvaceous which has seriously done absolute wonders to it. I rarely put any product in it other than a split-end serum or a mask once a week. So if you have wavy/curly hair, I highly recommend looking into it. It could be your savior.

So what’s your go to coat when it’s chilly out but you’re trying to look cute?

Let me know in the comments below.




19 Replies to “The Perfect Winter Coat When It’s Not Freezing”

  1. Love this simple yet chic look! My favorite coats to wear to stay warm are boucle coats! 🙂

    xo, Chloe //

  2. Loving this sweater/coat combo. It’s neutral and stylish and so chic! Plus your hair is on point! 😉

  3. Wish it got cold enough for a winter coat here in LA – I really love them. When I travel I have a fantastic United Colors of Beneton coat that I’m obsessed with. Makes me feel very British and proper.

    Love that I can live vicariously through you with all the winter fashion.

  4. Such a gorgeous coat and I absolutely love your hair ! My go to coat most recently has been an army green colored wool but it’s been extra cold these past couple of days and I’ve had to rely on lots of layering to keep warm.

  5. That’s an adorable coat

  6. I love how your hair just comes naturally fabulous hon and who doesn’t love a good sale find! The coat looks gorgeous and so versatile! I’m usually a sucker for a good black/charcoal coat too!

    Helen xx

  7. That coat looks amazing on you for sure and I adore your loose wavy curls! Hope you have a fulfilling weekend 😉

  8. That to go coat is absolutely adorable. Mine would be my camel coat in which I look cute, but still am freezing, haha. The things we do to look good…

  9. Hey Love,
    So Beautiful Coat, I need something like yours:) And with your Loong Hair looks even more Pretty:) super Chic Coat:)
    Love Kisss
    Open Kloset By Karina

  10. parka coat can look cute, warm and they are super trendy right now. I didn’t know that you have natural curly hair. I wish mine were like yours.

  11. Girl you are the master of finding great deals! This coat not only looks great but I’m sure feels even more awesome at that price 🙂 Also loved the tip on hair care, will definitely have to check it out for my winter hair. Thanks for sharing hun!

    xo Soo |

  12. I love that you wear your hair naturally. I never realized how many bloggers use extensions. And I’m a huge Rack fan too! I find the best things there on the cheap! Super cute coat!

  13. This coat is really fabulous. It’s simple yet stylish. Great post babe. xx

  14. Love that winter coat! it looks so warm and cosy! and I’m a big fan of FRAME denim! such a great combo you have in the post! obsessed!

    xx, Jessie

  15. Hello dear!!1
    Beautiful coat, you make a great affair to can purchased on that price. I’m always freezinf too, the coat is not for be in warm is for be fashionable and stylish. When I’m using the coats trying to layering under well.:)). Redken is very good product .

  16. You look so great! I love the hues of black and grey! What a steal too! My go to is a cozy knit sweater, oxfords, and an A-line coat usually!

    Manda |

  17. What a pretty coat! I also try taking photos when it’s not super cold outside – so I can take more photos before my nose turns red and my hand turn blue :)))) It’s freeeeeeezing in New York!

  18. I totally agree it just that it’s always freezing here in Toronto. You look amazing tho and gorgeous


  19. Love a coat that is warm, but never hot! The days here are starting to get kind of warm again which makes me miss summer, but then I also love to layer up.

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