My Favorite Tasting Room (& turning 30)

My Favorite Tasting Room (& turning 30)

Hello loves!

The last two weeks have been busier than ever. I turned 30 last week and was in Portland over the weekend and then I celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend at the coast. It’s been go, go, go. I did have the chance to sneak in a mini shoot with my friend Stephanie. It’s so nice to meet a fellow cali girl who is not only talented but has a sweet soul that can make me really laugh.

Stephanie and I intended on meeting so many times but you know life. I actually told her I wanted to do a turning 30 shoot but as life happens, the weeks went by and I wasn’t able to do what I initially thought. I loved the photos we took together and though well this is actually good for 30.

We went to one of my favorite tasting rooms in town, Sweet Cheeks. Why I love it? As fun as going to a winery is, you have to dedicate a whole day to it. While Oregon houses over 500 wineries (300 of which are all in the Willamette Valley), sometimes after a long busy day of running around errands I want something that’s relatively close. Five minutes to get yummy wine? Done. My favorite wine they  have is the Savignon Blanc. We sipped wine and talked about our goals, things we love, things we hate (ahem Winter last year) and PLUS she’s also a foodie. We talked about that for a while too. Another plus, they have a cute little outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy some music while you’re enjoying wine and cheese (cause who doesn’t love charcuterie boards. So if you’re in town, grab a bite at Marche and head to the tasting room after for some delicious wine.


I told her I was going to be 30 soon and like most she was actually surprised because “I look so young.” Many of you may not know this but actually I’ve been looking forward to turning 30. The 20s are a decade of self discovery. I read in a book that they’re the defining decade and I thought to myself no way. But turning 30 and reflecting back on everything that happened to me in my 20s I think, well yeah that totally makes sense. They’re the years you grow into who you’re going to be, long-term and while we are all always evolving, it’s builds the core of you who are.

I went through so many challenges just in the last year, but it was preparing me for life and what’s more to come. So I’m really excited for what the future is going to bring. I wore something super casual, white jeans and a knit sweater with my neutral sandals. Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Not I.





I will say the last week has been hard. My IG account was either hacked or I’m suffering from being shadow banned which BTW there is no way to fix. I just hope one day I wake up and my account will go back to normal. So if you see me not posting as often that’s why. It’s such a shame that a device that is supposed to be used as a tool has now become this thing that I HAVE to use to promote myself and get people to come to the blog.

So if you’re not following me yet and want to keep up with all the latest, go follow me on Instagram. P.S. I’ll be at Feast PDX this weekend so you’ll want to follow me!

Sweet Cheeks Tasting Room is located at the 5th Street Market in Eugene, Oregon.

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12 thoughts on “My Favorite Tasting Room (& turning 30)”

  • Glad to hear that you enjoyed your tasting at Sweet Cheeks! Happy Birthday! I totally agree that the 20s are all about self discovery, and I am happy to hear that you were able to soak up every moment of them. It’s too bad that you are having issues with your Instagram, hopefully you are able to straighten it out soon!

    ~xo Sheree

  • Happy 30th birthday babe! You do look young and the 30’s are the best decade ever! This is definitely the time where you are confident in yourself and are more settled in life doing what you want to do and making things happen. I love the cozy sweater and the ripped jeans. Perfect look for enjoying some wine and catching up with a friend or two. The winery has such a cute name too – Sweet Cheeks. =) Sorry that you’re having issues with IG – seriously they make being a blogger so difficult sometimes. Hang in there babe and cheers, xoxo, Christine

  • I can’t believe that you are 30 years old too. It is good that you got to hang out by trying some wine. I am all about rose wine. The sweater on you look so cozy. Btw, I have problem with my IG too, it keeps blocking me for liking pictures. What is really stupid and damn!

  • Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    Happy Birthday Darling, I turned 30 just 4 days ago too:)
    You look much younger:)
    For me the 30. I didn’t felt such a big thing…I felt it is just another number…
    The IG issues I totally understand, I had too 🙁
    I feel that IG getting worst and worst:(
    Love Kisses Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  • Happy birthday!!! What a great way to spend your day. I couldn’t agree more about your 30’s. It’s the best. I have never been more self assured than in my 30’s. I love this location for a shoot – great urban feel.

    I hope your IG goes back to normal soon! I think a similar thing has happened to mine…. So frustrating.

    Anyway, you make 30 look good!!

    J. x

  • One again, Happy Belated! I love the photo shoot you and Stephanie did! A tasting room is the perfect location! My best friend recently turned 26, and we went to a tasting room. It was great company, with good drinks and food. Best wishes to you on your next chapter!
    I am so sorry to hear that your Instagram account was hacked! I received a weird email and realized that it wasn’t even from IG! I hope everything gets fixed soon.


  • Happy 30th gorgeous! Love the shoot – you look so cute and casual. Sweet Cheeks sounds like so much fun – and you do look younger than 30. It’s a great age because people really start taking you seriously and it’s less angsty than your 20s. Instagram is such a mess right now – I feel like just as I’ve figured something out they switch it all up. My engagement dropped and it’s so frustrating! Just don’t stop posting – I feel like Insta rewards you for posting regularly.

  • Hey Jacqueline ,

    Oh I would love to join you girls! I love Sauvignon Blanc too! Definitely need to try in in Sweet Cheeks.

    By the way, I agree with Stephanie. You look so young. I thought you are around 22 (maximum 25).


  • Happy belated birthday girl! You look much younger than 30! What a great place to shoot, and I love your casual and chic look. Your sweater looks comfy and love its color. Sweet Cheeks sounds amazing!
    Sorry to hear about your instagram account! Hope everything is working great by now. and I’m glad to hear that you enjoy a great day.
    Have a nice day!


  • I hope you had the most amazing birthday! I had no idea you were 30; you look like you’re in your 20s 🙂 If I were you, I would keep posting on IG like normal! I believe it will get fixed eventually and you can’t let a stupid shadowban stop you from doing what you love…posting content 🙂

  • Happy 30th bday babe!!!! It sounds you have such a great bday with you friend and your boyfriend and you look so chill and relax. This is the exact way I want to spend my bday too!! Im sorry to hear about your Instagram babe!!! I sometimes feel to frustrated too but don’t let that come to your head keep doing the best you can even if its mean having fun 🙂


  • Happy 30th birthday gorgeous girl !
    I’m in my thirties too and while I loved looking younger in my 20s I’ve definitely grown more mature in my 30s
    I’m not a big fan of wine but I do love a yummy cheeseboard and spending time with friends
    Yes Instagram it can be so annoying lately but you can’t run a blog and not use it these days
    I loved your white distressed denim jeans super cool
    Natalia k

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