My Newest Passion Project + Life Updates

My Newest Passion Project + Life Updates

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to share with you some exciting news! I recently started a new Instagram called Portland Bloggers. It’s been a passion of mine connecting bloggers, networking and hanging out with like-minded creatives! I created @Portlandbloggers so we could all meet, talk about our journeys, get inspired, collaborate with one another and most of all make new friends!

Since I moved to the PNW (it’s been two whole years!) I am amazed by how much I’ve changed as a person and all of the amazing people I’ve met all along Oregon. To be honest, Brunchinista itself is changing a lot. I go less to brunch and spend time at home with my boyfriend who now I only see on weekends!

In between juggling a new job, starting off Portland Bloggers and doing freelance work it’s been CRAZY busy! I haven’t forgotten about all of you though!

So what is Portland Bloggers? A meet-up group for bloggers in the area to connect and network. Right now it’s a fun thing for me but I would love to see it flourish into something more! Working with local brands is something I love doing and I think PB is just an extension of me and Brunchinista.

We had our first meet up at The Porter Hotel rooftop last month and it was so fun! We all talked about how it’s more of a side hobby than a business for us. We all have different paths. From an art major grad turned teacher, to a girl who works in health care and another who works for the city, we’re all women who are passionate about blogging but also have completely different jobs unrelated to the blogging world. Kind of cool right?


So you’re all probably here wondering what happened the last few months. As many of you know I lost my job earlier this year back in January. I was truly devastated and you know what? I survived. I did the best I could. I was able to focus A LOT on blogging and do some freelance work. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I felt. Minus the crippling feeling of never getting a job, I came out of it okay.

In may, we broke our lease and moved into a new house the first weekend in June. And right as I was packing I got a call about a new job offer in Portland! So June was hectic to say the least! I took the job which has now led me to not be in Eugene during the week. Kind of a bummer but I think I sort of outgrew Eugene any way.

I’m still trying to figure out what all of this means to be honest. My boyfriend and I are still together and we’re trying to make this huge change work so most of my weekends I spend with him and actually not doing blog work. I’m trying to find the balance between being 100% present and having to do stuff for my blog. BUT because it is a hobby of mine, I will make time for it when I can.

I hope you can all understand it’s not easy to be a blogger. To make content ALL the time, you’re literally always on. I can’t go anywhere without thinking “wow this would be a beautiful photo” (haha I know kind of lame). I was walking to lunch yesterday and told my boyfriend we had to take a photo on this wall because it was a RARITY to see a white wall in Eugene. Turns out it wasn’t white but we made it work.

He’s been my biggest fan cheering me on in life no matter what it has thrown at me. So I’m grateful he doesn’t mind taking photos even if he sighs a little. Because of this I’ve taken a huge step back from writing every single week. It’s daunting. As much as I love to write, I don’t want it to be a schedule I’m on. I want to write when I feel inspired not because I HAVE TO.

Anyway, I’m currently in a transitional phase so if you see me posting less it’s because I’m trying to live my life not attached to my phone or taking photos all the time. We all need to do things we love but we also need to understand there’s people who love us ALOT and want our attention and to share moments with us. Special ones that the whole entire world doesn’t need to see. Those are the best ones aren’t they?


This past week I had another happy hour at Noble Rot on East Burnside! Such a lovely group of ladies! Some are new to the blogging world and others while they only started about a year or so ago are thriving and it’s their business! So here’s a shout out to the ladies that came out to both happy hours.


We’re planning something fun next month too so make sure to follow me @brunchinista and @portlandbloggers for all the adventures.

For now, go enjoy some sun. Put the phone down. And enjoy your time with the people who love you the most!

Love you all!


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