Proud Mary’s Coffee Roasters And Cafe PDX

Proud Mary’s Coffee Roasters And Cafe PDX

Hello darlings,

I hope you’re all having an amazing summer! I recently went up to Portland to meet up with some bloggers over brunch. My friend Lena, who is such an inspiration suggested this new cool spot to meet up at, Proud Mary’s. She’s truly an inspiration and a little firecracker that I truly look up to as a foodie. I knew she would pick a great spot so onward we went.

While the wait was probably close to an hour I feel like it was worth it. You don’t really get the same type of food in Eugene which is OK. Both cities are very different and I love them for their uniqueness. We went shopped around while we waited which made the time go by so fast. Once we were seated the experience began.

Proud Mary’s is originally and Australian coffee gem that’s made it’s way to the Emerald City and locals are in love. The interior was a mix of clean concrete walls and in the center held the coffee station that had a faux-marble background. Elements of wood surrounded the restaurant and the aroma was intoxicating or maybe I was just hungry.

I started with an immunity allergies shot featured below on a blue dish.

Lena ordered the pink crush (watermelon, strawberry, apple, lemon) and Esperanza had the suzi q  (pineapple, orange, lemon, fennel, mint). See below.

Refreshing seasonal juices at Proud Mary’s.

A coffee showcase where we experience three different types of coffee.

I ordered the Breakfast Sashimi. While I didn’t know what I was going to get the presentation was amazing and the food well it was delicious.

Lena had a special mix of avocado toast with a side of miso salmon

Esperanza ordered the potato hash which seriously looked phenomenal.

Overall the flavors were fresh, the drinks were refreshing and the coffee was definitely something you want to experience.

Proud Mary’s is on Alberta in NE Portland. I loved meeting up for brunch in Portland with Lena and other bloggers.

If you don’t have bloggers in your community you’ve connected with follow me on IG @brunchinista. I’m always looking for people to connect with and if you don’t live in my area I’ll connect you with someone in yours!

What’s your favorite weekend activity?

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23 thoughts on “Proud Mary’s Coffee Roasters And Cafe PDX”

  • That looks so delicious! The pink crush drink is totally something I’d order. It’s fun trying to places, and I’m glad you enjoyed your brunch!

  • Wow brunching is one of my favorite things to do during the weekend. I love finding new spots to eat and catch up with friends. This food looks so incredible! I’m not sure what Australian coffee tastes like, but your entrees from the breakfast sashimi to the avocado toast and hash look phenomenal! The juices and coffees looks amazing too! What a treat to find this gem! Xoxo, Christine

  • OMG I already love this place! These dishes and drinks look amazing and super original. Definitely not your average brunch menu!
    They are presented in a beautiful way as well! Drooling and super curios about the breakfast sashimi!
    Beautiful pics and thanks for sharing Jacqueline!

  • This place is amazing, everything looks so delicious! I love this kind of places where you can have perfect and eye-pleasant breakfast or lunch.
    I’m in love with this avocado salmon toast so far, would definitely love to try it!

  • Everything looks so delicious! I am sure it was worth the wait!
    I love meeting up with fellow bloggers as well! Not only is it a great way to find new inspiration but they also totally understand when you at a d on chairs to take the perfect foodie shot lol!
    Hope you had a wonderful time

  • When I first read the title of this post, I was like…hmmm… Proud Mary sounds very familiar!! After I continue to scroll through the photos I was like, hang on a second, I have been there!!!! I was in Portland visiting friends and my friend took me to Proud Mary!!! I love the food and cafe culture in Portland, It’s very similar to Melbourne!!! Would definitely love to visit Portland again! It’s such a cute city. and I love those apartments along the river! I’ve been kayak and wake surfing on the river for so many times! The water in the river is so clean!

    xx, Jessie

  • Wow this food looks too pretty to eat! I don’t even know where I’d start! Totally drooling over the Avocado toast! I’ve never been to Portland but if I do Proud Mary would totally be my first stop! You really do find the cutest places to brunch!

  • Everything looks delicious here, especially the avocado toast. This place sounds like a very good option to try when visiting Portland I have never been there but I have heard that is a very nice place.. I will keep Proud Mary’s coffee in mind when I have the chance to visit Portland

  • What amazing presentation! I love food that becomes an experience for all senses. The potato hash looks seriously amazing. If I am ever in Portland, I will definitely be looking this little gem up – plus I’m Australian so it’s perfect for me! :-). J. x

  • Oh my! This brunch looks absolutely heavenly!!! Despite the waiting time, everything looks on point and seems to be delicious. At the same time I like this kind of a “home-looking” way of serving everything. And awww the avocado toast is amazing! At least it looks adorable on your photos and very yummy!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Those juices look so good and that breakfast sashimi sounds so good to me right now you have no idea. It sucks that sashimi is off the menu for pregnant women but I would loveeeee to try after my baby pops out 😉

    I love brunching with blogger babes and the food their looks so perfect!!

    Helen xx

  • I’ll definitely check out this place when I’m in the area. I love your and Lena’s choice of meals. That avo toast looks absolutely amazing and I believe that it tastes good as well. Also, love the interior of the place – concrete walls always look stylish.
    You girls always choose the best places to have a lunch in. Would love to meet up with you when in Portland.


  • Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Bloggers Brunch is always a Good Idea:)
    I love to Go with my Hubby too:) or with Girls:)
    Never visited Portland but I will and this Place too:)
    I was drooling over the Photos:) yummmm:)
    Now I am super Hungry:)
    Wish you Happy Week
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  • Loving this post.. I’m a sucker for some great avocado toast or avacado on anything really haha! Will defo be ticking this place of my list.. next time I’m in portland! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😍

  • What a great restaurant Proud Mary is! I was salivating when I was reading it and seeing all the beautiful photos of the food. Both drinks looked so cool and refreshing, perfect for any summer day/night. I’m a sucker for Avo toasts and this variation looked so delicious with the slightly more toasted bread. Will book mark this when I”m ever in Portland.

    xo Sheree

  • I never been to Portland but for sure if I ever come this will be on top of my list!!! This place looks amazing and I need to try Lena dish with the avocado toast looks so good!! I always love a great brunch with great company too.


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