Why I Love Provisions Market Hall

Why I Love Provisions Market Hall

Hello darlings,

For those of you who don’t know I’m totally obsessed with Provisions Market Hall. Most of you know that I’m more of an afternoon bruncher but when I’m up early and need to go run errands and want something quick and yummy I ALWAYS go to Provisions. It’s also at my favorite place ever, 5th street market which is full of shops, restaurants and even a wine tasting room!

This past Sunday I met up with my new friend and fellow photographer gal Brandy. We’ve been meaning to meet up and just haven’t had the time until now so of course our meet spot was the market. We stopped by provisions, grabbed a latte (insanely delicious but a little pricey) and some pastries. Why I love this place so much? They have pastries galore. Croissants, macarons, cute little coffee trinkets, chocolates, sweets you name it. And yes they also have a market on the side that sells fresh produce, wine, flowers, etc. The options are seriously endless. And for those who aren’t morning risers, they have a salad bar and sandwich area. You can also get a glass of wine or beer!

The inside is seriously so cute and the best part was chatting it up with Brandy like we were old friends. We talked about photography, blogging, what we’re passionate about and what brought me out here to the good ol’ Pacific Northwest. It was really refreshing to meet such a passionate girl who loves what she does and is killing it! P.S I want that coffee mug!


After grabbing a cup of joe and a light breakfast, we headed around the market area and took some photos.

I wore this dress from BCBGeneration that I’ve had for some time now but it just hasn’t been warm enough to wear it out. I love the tiered detailing and subtle ruffles that make it perfect for spring. Paired with my new favorite booties it’s basically what you’ll most likely be seeing me in for the rest of the season.

{BCBGeneration dress, Via Spiga booties, Dana Blair Designs necklace}

Special thanks to the wonderful soul who took these photos.  Make sure to check her out here.

Do you have a favorite place you love to go to meet up with your girls for a quick latte?

Let me know in the comments below!



35 thoughts on “Why I Love Provisions Market Hall”

  • This places looks SO cute! I love those coffee mugs!!! I wish I lived near here. I love to go to Gansevoort Market in NYC with my friends.


  • I absolutely adore that gem you found! It is the perfect looking location for brunch. To me, it sounds like the options are endless and I’m a sucker for a good macaron!

  • I love markets like this and they are so quaint and adorable especially for meet ups. The food and coffee are more pricey but it’s worth it because it’s such a cute place to chill and just relax. This BCBG dress print is so cool (almost like marble) and perfect for summer. I love that you paired it with booties. I am glad you had a great time with your friend/ photographer. xoxo, Christine

  • I really love places like this market ! Such a lovely way to spend a morning or an entire afternoon! Provisions Market Hall is definitely delightful and I can see why you like it. I really love the BCBG generation dress on you ! Beautiful!

  • This place sounds like a perfect spot to spend some time with your friends. And they have so many pastries, wow! We have a lot of places in Berlin, but not like that. Find a good pastry cafe here can be such a problem. And I love the charming interior of it. Dare I also say, that you look so beautiful, just perfect for a brunch!

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  • I looks like very atmospheric place. I love this kind of places, where you can sit, drink your coffee, work and talk with friends. Pictures are so cute also and I like your country style romantic dress so much 🙂

  • It’s so nice that you got to meet your new friend Brandy! I know how tough it is to get on the same schedule with friends much less a new friend! But that’s so cool! Provisions sounds so yummy! I don’t mind paying extra for cozy little spots like this and especially if they are local and privately owned! I too am more of a brunch than breakfast girl! Mainly because I get too busy in the mornings to stop and eat! I love your dress! It’s perfect for both Spring and Summer time!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  • First off, I’m so in love with your outfit! The dress looks so stunning on you. Secondly, I want that coffee mug too. Although, I can’t say I’m a coffee connoisseur since I only drink lattes and can’t handle black coffee. Haha. The little cafe/restaurant looks super cute. I would love to visit here one day!

    Maggie S.

  • Provisions really looks cute and perfect for a girly brunch. I also love going for brunch with my girlfriend, it’s our Sunday ritual. Glad yo got to met a new friend who share same passion as you, her pictures are beautiful. I love the dress on you, you look so feminine and so pretty. Is perfect for summer !

    Aurela xoxo

  • I can see why you love provisions market hall looks like a perfect place to go to on the weekends. Sounds like my kind of place I have a soft spot as well for pastries and fresh flowers.I love the dress you wore it’s so feminine and pretty I like how you toughened it up with the boots, perfect outfit for meeting the girls for a coffee or perhaps a glass of wine
    Natalia k

  • Hey Love ,
    How are you?
    Love Markets so much and You can find soo many Fresh Goodies there:)
    Thos place what you showed supersweet:)
    Your Dress is very Beautiful:)
    I have with my Girls a favorite Brunch place where we always meet:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  • This spot looks absolutely delicious! Love to know a little bit of this place through your lens, or photographer’s lens. haha! The images are so amazing, especially the one showing the breads. Love it! Your look is so chic. The dress paired with those boots turned it itno a more edgy look.
    Thanks for sharing this place, hope to visit it soon!



  • I definitely have a soft spot for cute little cafes like these.. They just have such a old school set up that makes it feel like you’ve travelled a little back in time. I can understand why it would be pricier because I suppose it’s quite a lot of maintenance to upkeep their style and quality of food if it’s as delicious as you say! hope you and your photographer friend had an amazing time hanging there, it’s definitely a spot i can see myself going
    Also such a cute outfit! I’m a fan of the print of your dress, very summer appropriate!


  • LOVE exploring new places to grab a quick bite or a coffee! The Provisions Market Hall looks like the perfect place to visit for the weekends and the interior looks beautiful too!! Absolutely love your dress with the boots!


  • Seriously need to check this place out! Croissants are my weakness. I can’t say no! Have always loved a good bakery – will have to add this one to my list. Also am in love with that little dress you wore! It’s so perfect for a summer hang. Thanks for sharing! xx Madison

  • I do have a favorite place called Sawada coffee, you should def check it out if you come to Chicago!
    And this post is adorable! Love how you paired this feminine dress with the black booties. Definitely need to add Provisions Market Hall to my list of places to visit. Looks super cute and very photogenic! Also, good coffee always has my heart!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Really nice to be able to explore new places with a girlfriend and Chay over some nice coffee and snacks. The Provisions Market Hall has so many things to see and experience I am sure it was a great afternoon day out!
    Ur images of the place looks really good along with ur outfit shots.

  • Freshly baked bread, sweets, and coffee! Sounds like my kind of place. But no really, Provisions Market Hall sounds great! I love that they have a wine tasting room, and great for grabbing a quick bit and coffee while shopping. P.S. that coffee mug speaks to my soul! lol

  • How cool is the Provisions Market Hall with the artisan bread and coffee. It is the perfect place to hang out and grab a cool bite to eat. Love your pretty summer dress, the print is so unique and I love that you worn boots with it instead of sandals to give it a more rugged, relaxed feel.

    xo Sheree

  • Provisions Market Hall sounds absolutely adorable! It sounds very similar to a lot of the food hall concepts here in NYC- essentially a large marketplace type space with a variety of vendors in a cute setting. I guess a more commercial version (but great nonetheless) would be Eataly. And I love these food halls for the same reason you love Provisions – the great desserts and pastries of course! Glad to hear you had a great time shooting and meeting a great fellow soul 🙂 Beautiful dress by the way, so perfect for the summer!

    xo Soo | http://www.BrownEyedToast.com

  • Since I moved to new place I found really cool places to hang out with my new friends and I wish, I could show it too. I love what you wore and this cafe spot looks really nice to hang out to chit chat with girlfriends and even use it as a workspace.


  • Sometimes meeting up with a photographer friend (or any friend really) is a reason to treat oneself to a ridiculously good drink even though it might be overpriced, haha. I can see why you love this place so much as it’s absolutely a gem for sure. I also love you dress (perks of meeting a photographer friend right?) as it’s perfect for this place! 🙂


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