Rain NW

Rain NW

Hello loves!

Hope you all had a great weekend. My friend and I had a little blogger brunch and tried out a new spot I’ve been dying to try, Rain NW. I’ve previously been here for drinks and heard about their Sunday brunch and knew I had to go.

Located in West Eugene off 11th Ave, Rain NW brings artful plates with local flavors. For starters we go there as soon as they opened which meant we were able to pick seating wherever we wanted. For those interested in dinner, they do have wine pairings and a tasting menu! Their Sunday brunch starts at 11am which meant drinks were definitely in order. I ordered a classic Bloody Mary (on the spicy side) and Cherein ordered a raspberry mimosa. P.S. they have a crabby Mary which comes with a stuffed mushroom and crab. If I wasn’t allergic I would totally have ordered that because that sounds AMAZING.

For brunch I ordered an eggs Benedict (because I am a creature of habit) and she ordered the hash with duck confit. Okay if you know me, you know I typically don’t have duck but her plate looked SO good I made the exception to try it out. She was right. It was literally so good. Almost too good! The plates were the perfect size and I would definitely go back to try more things on their menu.

Eggs Benedict: toasted buttermilk bread topped with house pancetta, caramelized onion, poached eggs and house hollandaise sauce.

Hash: squash, zucchini, peppers, onion and potatoes served with two eggs any style and duck confit (gluten free)

The hash can be ordered vegetarian or vegan if desired. Other options on the menu were a breakfast burger, steak and eggs, eggs Florentine (the veggie Benedict), hot brown and Pain Perdu.

They do also have small bites and dessert as well as a full brunch cocktail menu. Honestly, personally for me if a restaurant can make a great eggs Benedict then I’m more inclined to go back and try other things. I loved what I ordered and my friend did too. It was one of the better places I’ve been to in Eugene for brunch and I plan on going back.

PLUS: for all you football lovers, they were playing a game in the background.

Do you have a place in your city you love going to and frequent a lot? Do you live in Eugene and have some brunch or food recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!





15 thoughts on “Rain NW”

  • You had me at mimosa and Bloody Mary! I personally love brunch and miss doing it since I’ve had kids. I too am a fan of eggs Benedict and this one looks so delicious! One of these days I will have to go up to Portland and try all these amazing spots you feature. I totally need to try their desserts too. I’m located in Southern CA, Orange County to be exact and some of my fav spots for breakfast or brunch are Urth Cafe and Zinc Cafe. xoxo, Christine

    • I love zinc and urth! I’m originally from LA! Actually planning a trip for the holidays. If you ever come down we will have to get brunch 🤗 the food in Portland is nothing like LA!

  • Hey Darling
    How are you?
    Brunch is my Favorite thing ever:)
    Ohhh those Eggs Benedicts and Cocktails, Love Bloody Mary:)
    I want to Eat Everything:) So Hungry now;)
    Wish you Happy Weekend
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  • This brunch looks like absolute HEAVEN and those cocktails are so enticing! Did they offer a good mocktail range too?! I am literally counting down the days until I can start enjoying eggs Benedict again because I can’t have runny eggs whilst pregnant so you have no idea how jealous these pictures make me!!

    Helen xx

  • The raspberry mimosa looks divine as well as all the dishes. I would love to try the vegan hash for sure. It’s so great that they serve it apart from the normal and vegetarian version! This place is definitely worth visiting! I wish I could visit Eugene and accompany you 🙂

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  • Yummy, all the dishes looks so tasty and the mimosa sounds very refreshing and full of flavor. This place sounds like a great option to try, that’s why I love your blog, because you always have great places to enjoy delicious food. However I have never been in Portland but I promise I will visit it soon and of course this place will be under my …where to eat list?
    Have a nice day!


  • Im always in the mood for brunch babe and you for sure always visit the best place to eat!! I would love to visit Rain NW.
    The plates of the eggs bennedict and the hash loos so delicious and yummy. For sure will add this place to my list.
    Thanks for sharing!


  • And now I’m hungry. You always tempt me with the most delicious looking food and drinks! You seriously have a built in gps for the best brunch spots! I like to study menus before I go anywhere so I really appreciate looking at food pics – because I like to know what I’m getting before I go LOL. And I love that you can order the hash vegan too – do they have a lot of vegan/veg options on the menu?

  • Oh my gosh I can’t ever. So hungry now. Breakfast. is my favorite food so seeing this makes me want to eat a big breakfast. I also thing the
    drinks look wonderful and I’m sure it was great to have a little spice added to the bloody mary. Mimosas are perfect for any time of day though
    and I’d be loving these drinks I know it.

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate how delicious that food looks? And those cocktails, OMG! I’m having serious cravings right now…

    One of my favorite things to do on Sunday’s is to go out and try some of the best brunches in town; what can I do, I really love food! 🙂

    Great recommendation!

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