Spring Things + The Season of New Beginnings

Spring Things + The Season of New Beginnings

Hello lovelies,

With the springtime upon us, this season, for me, is all about new beginnings.

For some time now, many of you know I’ve been taking long breaks between blogging, figuring out what to do with Brunchinista and most recently navigating through my life as a single girl in a new city.

Many of you may not know this, but 2019 has not fell short of extreme challenges, heartbreak, losing someone I love and having to start my life over at 31. While it may have been a challenging last two months, it definitely reminded me of the amazing people I have in my life.

My sister and best friend from college came to visit me in February to mend this broken heart of mine. Several friends are planning trips in the next few months to come stay with me and reconnect like old times. I am truly a firm believer in things happen for a reason and through all of the changes and ups and downs that life has thrown at me, it made me assess every single aspect in my life. It also made me realize how ridiculously strong and resilient I am.

For starters, blogging has been a HUGE part of my life in my 20s. It has been completely amazing building a community in Portland, meeting other likeminded individuals and really discovering myself along the way. I’m extremely grateful I’ve gotten to work with a ton of brands local and bigger brands that my young heart could have never even dreamed of. To be honest, the days of posting on Instagram every single day, doing collaborations, and living that “blogger life” are few and far between.

I haven’t felt inspired to write on here, to go out and create content, and to be that person anymore. I love writing and have ALWAYS loved writing for myself. Most recently I have been writing poetry for myself. It’s something that I’ve done since a young age to sort through emotions and has been extremely therapeutic for me.

I recently started a new job at an agency and could not be more ecstatic about being in a creative role again. This has been a VERY long journey for me in Oregon, finding something that fits me perfectly, but it was definitely worth getting to where I am in my life right now.

As someone who is extremely career oriented, trying to find the right job in Oregon was one of the biggest challenges I’ve had to face in my entire life. I am so extremely grateful for everything that’s happened in the last two months even if some of it really made me question where I was going to be in 2019. I’m excited to embark on this new journey and am lucky to have made new friends in this new city already who have a love for beer, brunch and doing all the things.

So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I’ve been spending a lot of days alone. This path of self discovery has been really empowering for me and I feel like I have so much to learn about myself still. It’s funny that even at 31 everything you may have thought about yourself can really hit you right in your face and stop you in your tracks to not only remind you of you really are, but to also humble you in life so you can appreciate the good when it’s there.

I have a feeling I will still write blog posts occasionally on here because I can’t see myself completely fully quitting. I’m not a quitter! It may not necessarily be about brunch or outfits, but more about life and things that I’m up to. I originally started blogging to share my life and the things I love and completely moved away from that. I completely got caught up in what blogging should look like for me. Something other people may aspire to but overtime has sort of lost its luster.

I can say wholeheartedly now that I would much rather write to inspire you all to share your stories, to talk about the tough moments, than show you some food I had because I mean how many eggs Benedict can you really see? That’s just the phase I am in my life right now.

I hope you join me on this journey of writing whatever tickles my fancy. It may not be glamorous, but it’s me. And that’s something worth reading.

Stay real my friends.



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