Where To Stay, Shop & Eat In Portland

Where To Stay, Shop & Eat In Portland

Hello loves,

This past weekend I had the pleasure of staying at The Duniway Hotel in Portland. Nestled in the heart of Portland, the Duniway boasts walking distance eateries, places to shop, drink and the perfect home away from home stay. This is going to be a two parter so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Living in Eugene means driving to the city often. I head up to Portland for blogger events, brunches and weekend trips to see friends at least once a month. Sometimes I go weeks without making a trip up there while others I spend two times out of the month frolicking through the city. For me, being the foodie that I am location is HUGE. I’ve stayed in several different hotels in Portland and none were quite like this one.

From the minute you walk in you feel like you’ve reached ultimate luxe. Kind of like the Nine’s Hotel but more hip. You find yourself overlooking the bar/coffee area and the restaurant attached, Jackrabbit. I decided I would dedicate a full post to the restaurant since it felt like it needed it’s own post. Our room was located on the 19th floor overlooking the city. WOW What. A. View. My boyfriend remarked how wonderful the room looked and that it was very “me”.

The modern mix with Art Deco was truly stunning. The velvet couch that was situated next to the bed was something I could only dream of having in my loft/office area. 

The book that comes with the room gives details on what’s nearby. We decided we wanted ramen for dinner and we’d head to a local barcade called Ground Kontrol before meeting friends for drinks at the Bailey Room.

Before heading out for the night, we decided to head to the lobby/bar area to have a drink. I ordered a rosé infused cocktail and he ordered a local beer. The decor was absolutely stunning.


In the morning we felt refreshed after a good night of sleep. As I sat drinking an espresso overlooking the city (compliments of the hotel), I felt so much gratitude in my heart. I feel that Brunchinista has come a long way in the last year. Sometimes as bloggers we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the things we create. I’m thankful to have partnered with The Duniway for this amazing and one of a kind experience.

Until next time Portland! Stay tuned next week for a full blog post on the Jackrabbit restaurant located at The Duniway. You can learn more about the hotel here.

Did you love reading about my travels and where we stayed?

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DISCLAIMER: This blog post was in collaboration with The Duniway Hotel. All opinions are my own.

24 thoughts on “Where To Stay, Shop & Eat In Portland”

  • I’ve always wanted to go visit Portland. Especially after hearing there is no sales tax there (hello shopping!). What a charming hotel this is. I really love the room decor and the vibes. The bed looks so cozy and I love all the prints on the wall and that retro velvet sofa in the room. Jackrabbit also sounds like a fun place to hang out as well. Thanks for sharing your experience and I will definitely look into the Duniway hotel if I am ever in Portland.! xoxo, Christine

    • You are correct indeed! Shopping is amazing for that reason.
      I think you would really like it! It’s a nice change from Los Angeles! You should definitely try to stay at The Duniway!

  • Hey Darling:)
    How was your Weekend?
    Portland is Amazing and If I will Visit, I will check this Post for sure:)
    The Photos are so Beautiful:)
    Love, Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy New Week

  • That interior is so modern and chic – definitely very you babe! I’m almost the same and usually have to commute about 40 minutes to get into town for events and what not even though I am still considered to be in the “Sydney” area.

    Looks like you had a great stay here hun!

  • This is such chic hotel! Love the interior decor and convenient location. I have never been to portland and always want to visit the city. In chicago the Sales tax is 10% , So visiting Portland for shopping is a great excuse for me. Thanks for sharing this beautiful hotel and will definitely check it out when I visit Portland.



  • I have never ben to Portland but I have to say this hotel its making me want to visit lol!
    Such a gorgeous hotel, love the modern decoration and spies in the hotel. The bar looks amazing and the view is also amazing.
    Yes, love reading about your travels!


  • The Duniway Hotel seems like such a fab place to stay in Portland! Definitely making a note about it next time I’m in Portland!

    Sending love from Napa!


  • Absolutely loving the aesthetic of your stay! I’ve been dying to get out to Portland, because I have heard of so many yummy places to eat, and things to see, and now you just made the option all the more tempting! Glad to hear you had a wonderful stay!


  • Hi dear,

    The Duniway Hotel in Portland seems to be a perfect place for a business trip and just for travel.
    I love dark colors of their interiors and gold+black combination in the room:)


  • I have visited Portland a few times but never stayed at the Duniway hotel. I love the simple and elegant sleek decor. I am glad to read this so that I can bookmark it for my next trip’s stay. Great recommendations for eatery as well and glad that you enjoyed your time there.

    ~ xo Sheree

  • Hey love
    How are you? I totally love this!! These types of posts are always my favorite because I find them so helpful whenever I’m traveling. Portland isn’t really a place I would ever think of taking a vacation to but now I really am curious to go visit. Truly seems like a wonderful place with a lot of cool and different sites and places to go. Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed reading it!

    xoxo, vanessa

  • YES!! I was JUST talking to my boyfriend about taking a roadtrip up to Portland so this post is perfect timing!! It’s not too far of a drive from LA 😉 I’ve always heard such great things about it but after reading this post – I’m definitely going to book it! The Duniway looks like an especially amazing stay. Such a great little getaway – will definitely be bookmarking this post. Thanks babe!! xx

    • If you come visit let me know so we can grab brunch! And yes it’s a short drive! So many fun places you can stop at on the way! My bf and i have been talking about doing that trip to la for some time now

  • The Duniway Hotel in Portland is giving me ALL THE VIBESSS. If I am ever in Portland I have to stay here! I love how trendy and hip it is. I am also liking the masculine vibes of this hotel! I can’t wait to read part two!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Duniway is such a cute and stylish hotel!!!! I was in Portland 2 years ago, I fell in love with the city. It’s very similar to Melbourne filled with great breweries, food and lots of outdoor activities. I would definitely want to visit that city again and next time I will book my stay with Duniway! Thanks for sharing babe.

    xx, Jessie

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