The Only Floral Kimono I’ll Be Wearing This Summer

The Only Floral Kimono I’ll Be Wearing This Summer

Hello darlings!

The weather has been all sorts of crazy here in the PNW but we’ve been getting a lot more sun and soon the rain will be going away for good. Which means I’ve literally been spending all my weekends trotting around town and planning for big summer adventures. I’ve actually been holding onto this kimono specifically to wear for sunny days!

Now that the sun is peeping out of the clouds I’m gearing up for summer music festivals, wine tasting, traveling to other cities and well just enjoying some good ol’ sunshine. Since it was a gorgeous day out I brought out my Show Me Your Mumu kimono (prepare to be seeing this more this summer) which was perfect since it’s light and airy silhouette was just right for the weather.

One of the things I’m really trying to do is try more brunch places. While the brunch place I’ve been dying to go to since forever was closed, it gave me the opportunity to still try something else that’s also new.

I headed over to downtown after shooting all morning and talking blog stuff with fellow photographer friend Brandy, you can see that post here, and was ready for some serious grub. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven by this place and thought I NEED TO GO THERE. First I was dying to go there because their wine selection is supposed to be amazingggggg and then I heard they had brunch and I was like say whattttt?

Instead of sitting indoors, Luke and I sat in their little quaint outdoor area and ordered a glass of wine (which was amazing) and a beer for him.  Summer in Eugene is known for it’s amazing weather and I know for sure my little kimono would be comfy outside. Even though it was way past noon I still wanted something breakfasty so I ordered eggs Benedict with pancetta and a side of potatoes. He ordered the breakfast calzone which literally was phenomenal. He always orders the best things so I had to try it. If you have a huge appetite I would go for the calzone as it’s literally ginormous. My Benedict was the perfect size. Scroll down for some seriously yummy food and what I wore to brunch.


What are some of your summer plans? Are you a kimono lover?

Let me know in the comments below.



34 thoughts on “The Only Floral Kimono I’ll Be Wearing This Summer”

  • I feel like I can never pull off a kimono but you look so stinking cute in it! I wish I had a lot more options when it comes to brunch around me that are half decent.

  • What a beautiful Kimono! I have a beautiful dark floral one that I’ve been waiting to wear! We are leaving for vacation today and I’m excited to break it out! Summer in Eugene sounds just lovely and brunch is always a good idea! An eggs Benedict is one of my favorite dishes of all time! Everything looks so yummy! You look beautiful!

    Manda |

  • Beautiful outfit! Love it head to toe. This kimono is so pretty and feminine, perfect for summer. The kimono has become one of the biggest trends during the season. It looks totally chic and love the boho vibes when wearing a piece like this. Your look is totally appropriate for a music festival!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  • First, I just want to say that I really love this look. Those shorts also look so comfortable and chic. I’m so happy that the rain has started to go away. It’s been raining a lot at night here, which honestly makes me sleep better so I don’t find a problem with that. I love going to brunch places. I work during the weekends a lot of the time, and that’s the time I’d be more up for brunch. Through the week it just gets too busy. Brunch is seriously one of the best meals too. It always keeps me full all day, which I love especially if I’m out shopping and don’t have food want food on my mind.

  • I think a kimono is such a statement piece. It’s always very elegant and definitely adds some charm to every look. I can’t wait to hear about your summer adventures thou, I hope the weather will be better soon.
    I do love spending my day somewhere in the city, having a brunch and working on my project. When the weather is so nice, you just have to force yourself to go out and enjoy the sunshine, right? 🙂 And how lovely the glass of wine sounds 🙂 Btw, I love your neat and crispy pictures.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • I love this floral kimono. It has all the perfect colors in it and I would totally wear this like you did and also as a coverup. This is the go to piece for music festivals and one that is so versatile. This brunch looks so yummy. I am a sucker for eggs benedict and this one looks so delicious. I hope you enjoyed this incredible meal! xoxo, Christine

  • So glad that the sun is finally starting to come out in Eugene! I love your Show Me Your Mumu kimono! I have a cropped top with the same print. It is perfect for those warm Summer days! Your brunch looks amazing! I’m such a sucker for a good calzone!

  • Wow ! You are unbelievably gorgeous in this kimono! I actually never had one but now I need one ! The colors and the print are so perfect and amazing and I think it’s effortlessly chic. We have a bunch of summer plans and I’m excited to be seeing Ed Aheeran with my husband and to be going to Disney World with my whole family!

  • I’ve had a obsession with kimonos a few summers ago where I would just order a bunch online and hoard them, I never even got to wear all the ones I purchased haha. Something about it’s gorgeous print and comfortable silky material that makes it perfect for summer.
    I think yours look so summer appropriate too!
    And good brunch choice, egg Benedict is my favourite too


  • I adore kimonos! I have a few myself but I haven’t worn them in some time. Yu’ve inspired me to break them out of the closet! Also, the food looks soooo delicious, I’ll have to try it if I’m ever in the area! I’m a sucker for brunch so I’m always looking for some good places.

  • I wasn’t really a kimono lover until recently. This trend is actually pretty cool. There are so many fun designs and fabrics that would make it so easy to incorporate them into your outfit. I soeacillsy like the one you are wearing. It’s super cute and the print makes it perfect for Summer. You look amazing dear!

    xx, Maryam

  • Wish summer came to Vancouver too, it feels like winter and I hated. Glad you had a great day and seems that you picked the right spot to brunch. Egg Benedict is one of my favourite choice too. I am also obsessed with Kimonos lately. They are so easy to style and to wear everywhere. Totally a must have for summer days. Love the prints and the way you styled it. Perfect summer look !
    Aurela x

  • OMG I’m drooling over your dish! Those eggs look so good!
    I’m so excited for summer as well! There are so many things to do here in Chicago! It’s the time of the year we all look forward to.
    Also, love your kimono! So cute!!!! Show me your mums has the cutest things!

  • I wish I could pull off kimonos! They always look so cute on everyone and the one you’re wearing looks amazing on you. For some reason, they always make my shoulders look really wide so I sadly don’t own any.

    By the way, the breakfast calzone looks freaking good! You always have the best food photos!

    Maggie S.

  • Show Me Your Mumu is one of my favorite brands ever and they killed it again with this kimono. It’s so cute and like you said perfect for summer, especially summer brunches. I love your whole brunch outfit, it’s so cute and weather appropriate. And both of the dishes you and Luke got are delish, I could probably eat both right now by myself haha.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    That Kimono is Gorgeous, Love the Boho Style:)
    I love Kimonos and I just bought 2 as well:)
    Ohh Brunch, My Favorite thing ever:)
    The food Looks sooo Tasty:) Would Love To Eat everything now:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Day

  • The food looked so so good, I’m getting hungry typing this. I adore that floral kimono with fringe details and have heard so many good things about Show Me Your Mumu as a brand. I’ve see their pieces on various bloggers and it all looked great, might just check it out and get some pieces.

    ~ xo Sheree

  • I would definitely want to wear this kimono all summer long if I were you too! It’s super cute! And this food looks amazing, I think I would love the breakfast calzone. Whoever thought of that is literally a genius! lol What all did it have in it? Your egg benedict looked really good too, I’m definitely getting hungry now! lol

  • Wow! This post is a real sourse of inspiration! First, you really inspired me with wearing kimono! Second, this food… looks killing!!!!

  • Wow! This post is a real sourse of inspiration! First, you really inspired me with wearing kimono! Second, this food… looks killing!!!!

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