My Favorite Summer Romper ( & Tips For Blogging)

My Favorite Summer Romper ( & Tips For Blogging)

Hello loves!

After so many of you loved my last blog post, I figured I’d do something a little bit similar this time around. I feel like I’m always having conversations with other bloggers about where the digital world is going and what that means to us as content creators. After meeting up with my photographer and talking giving her some tips on social media and branding I thought I’d share some with you guys! Here are some tips for blogging whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in the game for a while.

It’s happened to all of us at some point or another. I feel like most of us who have been blogging for a while are basically doing anything we can to have our content be seen. We spend hours curating content (well at least I do). From picking outfits, to shooting, to editing, writing a thoughtful blog post, and then sharing it on all social media channels (all at a strategic time). If you’re like me and have a full-time job, it can be really overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting.

No I don’t have the luxury of just quitting my job and letting my parents or S.O. pay for that kind of life. Also, it’s not really in me to do something like that and for those of you who do it good for you! I think it’s great to have a support system and to work for the things you want in life but nothing that I’ve gotten has been handed to me. It’s hard work and I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way because of it. Here are my five take aways after over five consistent years of blogging.


Work hard for yourself

At the end of the day you’re doing this for YOU. Not anyone else. Sure it’s great to have x amount of subscribers, followers, etc., but you’re really doing this for yourself. For some of you it’s a business and for some it’s a hobby. Never forget why you started doing it. For me, it’s not something I “need” to do. I chose to do it because it makes me feel excited and alive to inspire other people around me. It makes me happy to be able to be creative and create something that I can call mine.



Compare yourself only to yourself

I think one of my longest blogger friends said this to me when I still lived in LA and it always stuck with me. DO NOT compare yourself to others. You’re not that random girl who you met once who all of a sudden started blogging and she’s “succeeding” or just happened to climb to a higher status before you. So many people pay to play or cheat nowadays that it really is hard to tell someone’s success (whatever that may be). Others may just have a completely demographic than you and that’s okay. Comparing yourself to others will only make you feel bad about yourself. Be competitive with yourself and you’ll feel so much better and motivated to be a better version of yourself at the end of the day. It’s the best advice I’ve ever received.



Do something that doesn’t involve blogging

OK. I know this is hard (especially for me since blogging is a huge part of who I am) but do something with your days that has NOTHING to do with blogging. Nothing to do with being on social media. It’s just for yourself. I recently started doing hand lettering (I used to do calligraphy when I was in HS ) and it’s been so nice to learn a new skill unrelated to blogging. While it’s similar to calligraphy it’s a lot more free and allows you to be creative. At some point I plan on getting back to making jewelry as well as it’s something I use to love doing as a kid. These are just a few things, but you get the idea.


Know your worth

I can’t stress this enough. When you’re starting off, it makes sense to collaborate with small companies and try to expand your network. But don’t just take something because “it’s free”. There’s nothing more devaluing than doing something just because you want “free product”. Nothing in this life is free. You have to work for that product and if it’s not remotely on brand it’s distasteful and confusing to your audience. It’s okay to do trade for product but don’t just do anything that’s thrown at you for the sake of creating content. If it’s not genuine then what is it worth? This is a hard lesson to learn. You will have to say no to some things and it won’t be easy.


Stay on brand and true to yourself

Staying true to you is so crucial. The blogger world is seriously so saturated that copying someone else or doing things that have nothing to do with your brand detour you from the big picture. We’ve all tried to figure out our brands, what works, what doesn’t work and sometimes we want to post something because we feel like we “HAVE” to. Don’t post just to post. Create something worth posting that will make your audience want to come back for more.

I met with my photographer Whitney Lily at this cute little coffee + bar spot in town and we really just talked about what blogging really means now. If you’re just Instagram and you actually a blogger? There are so many facets of it now that it’s sort of evolved into something else.

I wore my fave little Show Me Your Mumu romper with Free People booties and my newest BaubleBar necklace to our mini shoot. It’s actually one of my favorite rompers as it’s literally so easy to wear and breezy. You can wear it with sneakers, booties, heels, just about anything. They’re also one of my favorite brands and this post is not sponsored by them whatsoever. I just really like them. And of course, my trusty hat from Forever 21 which I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing already.

The most refreshing lavender lemonade with one of their signature cocktails.

At the end of the day, we’re all working hard to create content. We’re all little mini entrepreneurs. Connect with others in your area who are trying to create something too. And remember, focus on your blog too. It’s the only thing you can call your own.

I hope these tips helped you out as I know some of you may be needing some motivation at the moment. What are some things you do to stay motivated and inspired?

Let me know in the comments.



23 thoughts on “My Favorite Summer Romper ( & Tips For Blogging)”

  • Jacqueline I love your approach to this! Although I’m new to this whole blogging world in a way. (As I only use Instagram), I agree when you say that we should differentiate ourselves! It’s so easy to think that well “so and so” does this and it works for them, so I’ll do the same thing. Unfortunately that doesn’t let our creativity flow and doesn’t let us become more individual. I think you do an amazing job at being unique and sticking to who you are! I’ll keep supporting as always ❤️

  • These are all such excellent tips for blogging. It’s easy to get frustrated and unmotivated at times but to keep these tips are reminders helps inspire me again. We definitely need to stop comparing ourselves to others and keep focusing on our content and staying true to ourselves in the long run it will all pay off. I love this summer romper and the necklace is beautiful. I could really use those refreshing drinks right now too! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo, Christine

  • This is amazing! I love all of the awesome tips for blogging. These are definitely some great tricks for people who are thinking about starting a blog. Now I really have to say that I loveeee your romper so much! I don’t know why but i have been seeing this same print everywhere I even have a pillow with it and it’s so cute! Love the whole outfit, u look gorgeous:))

  • So many great blogging tips girl! #2, it is so true but so hard to do. I find myself comparing all the time and it is just not healthy for myself and defeating the confidence. Your romper is so beautiful, I love the print and you styled it really well with all the beautiful accessories.

    ~ xo Sheree

  • This post is so great babe! I agree that blogging is always something that we should do for ourselves first and foremost 🙂 I know that I personally do it because I love it! Not comparing yourself to others is key too, although I often find that hard. You look so pretty babe and I adore this romper, the hat really suits you too.

    Rachel xx

  • Love this post! Rule number 2 speaks volumes! It is so hard not to compare yourself to others in this industry! Everyone has their own path and we should only focus on our own. I think we have all experienced rule number 4. “Know your worth.” I agree with you, just because it is free, doesn’t mean you should collaborate and post. You also shouldn’t always accept jobs that take a lot of your time and pay under your rate.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • What wise words and tips for bloggers! Lesson 2 is so important and I get asked that from other girls often. They want to know how I handle comparing myself. I know how much of IG can be fabricated so I know it’s unrealistic to compare. Everyones journey is different and you are your biggest competition. I know that sounds so cliche but it’s true. Stop worrying about what others are doing and focus on building yourself. Being the best version of you is all you can do. Number Three is another I resinated with. Having a life away from online is so important! All the glitz of blogging is fun but it is work and you definitely need to have something that is just for you!

    Manda |

  • Free People booties look so comfy on you! I also love how it looks good with the romper. Great tips, my dear. I hate bloggers, who always compare themselves with others, that usually makes them so depressed all the time. Totally agreed that you need to have something behind of social media and blog. Life is still going and time flies too quick!

  • These are great tips for any blogger! This “game” is so competitive that sometimes it’s hard not to compare but I try to be happy for girls I see getting ahead – and it makes me push even harder. I think it’s really all about persistance. And yes have outside interests! My blog is my outside interest thou – being a full time Mom sucks most of my time away so my blog is my escape. Wish I had more me time for fun hobbies again…

  • What a great tips and I have the same thoughts. I’ve just started my journey a few months ago and I already rejected some proposals because I don’t want to confuse my audience and I want to built a reputation and be honest with myself. And this is not easy, you are right. I also agree that you have to do something else except of blogging, because it is very easy to stuck in it and stop to see the whole picture, which is very important. Thank you for these tips and you look amazing in the romper 🙂

  • Love this post girl! You’ve made some very good points and I couldn’t agree more. Just want to clarify that I do my blog full time without anyone’s help (financially), not even at the beginning and it has been so hard. I have good months and some that are not so good so it’s hard to find a balance and I’ve had to learn how to manage my finances in a more responsible way than when I had a steady income.
    One of the things I’ve found to be the hardest is to not compare to others and I always remind myself that I should only compare myself to myself. On that point I couldn’t agree more. Most people think that blogging is all fun and games, when the truth is very far from that. Like you said, we are little entrepreneurs 🙂
    On a different note, I LOVE this print you are wearing and these pics are so cute!!!!

  • Hey Jacqueline!
    I like your tips! They are really what all bloggers need. I can add only one: never give up 🙂
    By the way, I’m obsessing over this summer romper! Love how you paired it with the hat!


  • Hey Love,
    How are you?
    Totally agree with your Lessons and the 2. one was for me the hardest to achieve. I was always comparing myself to others but finally now I don’t:)
    Ps: Love the Romper:)
    Meeting with bloggers always a Good Idea:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  • Two things stuck out to me that is SO true and something I try to live by!
    Yes to never comparing yourself to others. I find this to be the biggest fall and demotivation! because at the end of the day we are trying to create our own image and brand and it’s just not smart to steer ourselves to something we wish we could achieve.
    And secondly totally agree about knowing our worth. We can’t let companies sway us into thinking it’s okay do whatever for them for free because we also have our own image and brand to build and we can’t let everyone just have a piece of our content!


  • What great tips!! I love your honesty and determinations that comes through is all your posts – especially this one.

    It can be really hard to find the time to work full time and keep up the regular blog post. Huge congrats on doing such a fabulous job of it!

    I think the best advice you have mentioned is to compare yourself with yourself. So many people are competing with each other in this industry and blogging should never be about that – it’s about sharing something you love :-).

    I loved this post so thank you for sharing.

    J. x

  • Hah, first I was going to say “this is the most important advice”, but after reading them all I can’t choose which one is the most important as we as bloggers need to enforce all your “rules” as I see them. For me the ones I’m struggling the most with is living out there in the real life, with real people who are not involved in blogging at all. I’ve worked a lot on not comparing myself to anyone else as well and have got quite far on that, but still I get moments of desperation when I compare myself to others. I NEED to stop doing that. Cudos to you for still having a full time job while doing this. I quit mine and head out into the great unknown in April and it’s been an amazing, but exhausting adventure. Still so worth it!
    Thomas xx

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