Brunching On The River


Hello loves!

Fall is finally here which is my FAVORITE season.I love seeing the color of the leaves changing, to the climate dropping and to being able to bundle up in front of a fireplace (which I finally now have) and watch some Netflix with a glass of wine. This passed weekend I hit up a new type of brunch that’s got a heck of a view!

As per usual, I did my usual monthly blogger brunch. Cherein and I meet up every month and anytime I head to Portland I make sure to meet up with any gals that I know, follow or want to meet and it seems like it’s flourished the most there.

I’ve been DYING to go to this place since I moved to Eugene. I biked by a lot last summer and would tell my boyfriend every single time WE HAVE TO GO THERE. Brunch on the river? I mean, I don’t think it gets better than that. Unbeknownst to me, Sweet Waters is actually inside a hotel/inn. Actually a really freaking cool inn, so if you’re ever in the EUG stay at The Valley Inn, it’s stunning. While the menu wasn’t anything crazy, more of classics and easy go-tos, I actually picked out something out of the ordinary. I got the biscuits and gravy which WAS AMAZING. Like unreal I tell you. Homemade biscuits and gravy like WOW.  Cherein got an omelet which also looked divine.

By the way, they have a Bloody Mary bar, which I passed on. But we’ve already planned to go back and try it out! Scroll down for some yumminess.

The view of the Willamette River with greenery

The Denver Omelette: ham, cheese, onions, peppers with roasted potatoes

Homemade biscuits and gravy 


As for the outfit, I went for something casual. I got my Sanctuary top at Adorn when I was in Portland last weekend and paired it with my JBrand jeans (absolute fave skinnies I got in NY) and my converse. The top is seriously so comfortable! I’ve already gotten many compliments about it. It’s long enough to wear with leggings or you can tuck it in like I did in a pair of skinnies. You can see this look on my Instagram!

What’s your favorite type of brunch to have? Do you prefer sweet over savory?

Let me know in the comments below.




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  1. This meal looks so delicious, and the view is breathtaking! I love the presentation of the omelette, I bet it was super yummy! I am always so hungry after reading your posts. How do you find such amazing restaurants?

    ~xo Sheree

  2. What a beautiful setting to enjoy brunch. I love brunch with a view too and I definitely agree that food doesn’t have to be fancy to be amazing. These biscuits and gravy look to die for and the omelet looks so fresh and healthy. What a great hidden gem and a fabulous way to catch up with friends. Xoxo, Christine

  3. Oh, lucky you! Having a fireplace is my goal! I could imagine how cosy it is! I adore autumn too, so many colours, so many evenings to spend with a book or with someone you love!
    I bet the weather in Portland is fantastic at the moment. What could be better than having lunch on the river and enjoying the nature around? Fresh air, fantastic autumnal scents, just divine. I think even the food itself gets its best taste! Love it! Great post as always!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  4. This looks so delicious and the place looks like a little gem!! Great post

  5. Nothing beats brunch. There’s a spot down where I live next to the beat that reminds me a lot of this place!

  6. I always love a good savory brunch! The spot is perfect for a restaurant!

    Lindsey |

  7. Yes, to brunch! I can’t decide! I love both sweet and savory! The dishes look so YUMMY! It is killing me — I want a big bit now!

  8. There’s nothing like a yummy brunch. Seems to be a great place! xx, Paula,

  9. I always enjoy a delicious brunch, and yours looks beyond that! And not only that, having a yummy and savory meal enjoying the autumn and the beautiful weather sounds like the perfcet plan. After reading this I’m starting to feel starving, that omelet looks so good.

    Have a nice day!

  10. This is quite the amazing brunch!!

  11. That omelet looks so delicious!

  12. Such a great place for a brunch! The meal looks amazing, especially the Denver omelette – such a great dish!
    Can imagine myself sitting and enjoying my brunch with this amazing view!

  13. Nothing like brunch with a view! I can see why you wanted to go so badly. I typically prefer sweet to savory but not for my brunch – just my treats 🙂 That omelette (minus the ham) is totally calling my name right about now!

  14. This looks so beautiful!!

  15. Brunching is my spirit animal 🙂

  16. this looks like a dream!

  17. Such a beautiful view. I love Oregon. I lived in southern Oregon for a couple of years and it was so pretty.

  18. Im such a fan of home made biscuits! Brunching by the river sounds amazing and I’m sure they have such a great view while you enjoy a great breakfast. All the dishes looks so yummy and delicious babe! I’m glad you were able to scratch this form your list.


  19. I love brunch food! This looks amazing and delicious!

    xo, Patty

  20. Hey love,
    Hows you?
    OMG , first Brunch is my Favourite thing ever, and I was drooling over Your Photos:)
    Want to Try Everything:) Looks sooo Delicious:)
    Home made Biscuits… yummm:)
    Happy Week
    Open Kloset By Karina

  21. Fall is one of my favorite seasons as well! And this place seems so lovely. I love a nice dinner where the scenery is amazing. Whether it is by the beach, up in the mountains or high up in a skyscraper with a view of the city nothing beats the experience! Personally I love savory brunches and your food looked soon good! Show off your outfit next time 🙂

  22. I’m drooling!!! Looks so good!! What an amazing brunch spot!


  23. This week it’s begun to feel like fall in South Carolina too! Not quite cold enough for a fire place but definitely cold enough to cozy up with Netflix and a glass of wine! lol Sweet Waters looks and sounds like an absolutely wonderful time! I’ll take brunch with a river view any day! Your biscuits and gravy looks amazing and especially with the pop of color from the paprika (I’m Guessing)! I’m definitely more of a savory girl! Have a beautiful week friend!

    Manda |

  24. Where do I even start with this post?! So jealous you’re feeling fall up north – nothing sounds better than cuddling up by a fire place with a blanket and wine! But can we talk about that brunch?! Looks so good. Also, count me in for a bloody mary bar next time!!

  25. Happy Fall! This is also my favorite season, for all of the same reasons! I love being cozy, bundled and celebrating all of the festivities that Fall brings. Your food always looks so mouthwatering! Sweet Waters sounds amazing! Sometimes the best restaurants are in hotels. That gravy biscuit looks to die for!


  26. That food looks so delish! I would love to try the home made biscuits and gravy!! YUM! Dining with a view is the best!
    Fall is my favourite time of year too – not too cold and not too hot and so pretty! Plus it’s perfect for puling out your fav jeans. J Brand are always a great fit. Such a fab label.
    Thanks for sharing.
    J. x

  27. Hello Jacqueline,

    I always feel hungry when I look at your pictures. All dishes are so mouthwatering that I can’t help wanting to crave on something. That Denver Omelette looks absolutely amazing..just wow!

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