The Power Of Community + The Benefits Of Connecting With Bloggers

The Power Of Community + The Benefits Of Connecting With Bloggers

Hello loves,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This past Sunday, my friend Esperanza of The Urban Darling hosted her very own at home blogger brunch in collaboration with Chinex. Her and I met at a blogger brunch I hosted last year and have connected since! Today I’m going to be talking about the power of community when it comes to being a blogger and the benefits of connecting with local influencers/bloggers

So you’ve all seen it before, in some shape or form. Bloggers in groups all collectively doing everything together. In the real world, at least for me, I don’t do everything with all of my friends. Just me? I have a huge assortment of friends from graphic designers, to marketing professionals to publicists, you get the point and we all don’t just happen to get brunch together all of the time. I’ve always been more of a floater anyway than a person who just has one group of people that I hang out with.

Because I’ve always been this way, I tackle the blogging community in the same way. I think it’s great when you really connect with someone and you can take photos together and do all the things. BUT it’s also good to expand your “group” or connections. Here’s why.

Attending a blogger event but don’t know anyone? Perfect. Strike up a conversation with the people around you. Connect on common interest and next time you go to an event do the same thing over and over. Until you’ve grown such an amazing empowering community you’ll always know someone at an event and are still willing to connect with new faces.

Esperanza hosted her brunch at her humble abode in Portland. We talked blogging strategy, algorithm non-sense (seriously we’re all affected by that garbage), being blocked otherwise known as shadow banning ( it’s a thing whether you believe it or not) and tips on reaching out to brands and the struggles of growing your following. For those of you who don’t know, she has grown her following exponentially in the last six months. I give her huge kudos! She is not only inspiring but she’s also the sweetest human I’ve met! She put together a wonderful spread of vegan brunch items including French toast, egg cups, and strawberry muffins. All options were gluten free except the muffins!

Photos taken by Rocio Scotto

The best part about this was we’re all in the same boat but we’re all growing at different rates. We all have insights into things that another may not have. It’s always great to learn from your peers.

So how do you connect with other bloggers in your community. HELLO! Instagram! Look, the community isn’t going to come to you. If you want things to happen, if you want to make new friends, GO OUT THERE. Go start a conversation with that girls feed you’re obsessed with! I can’t stress enough the importance of being out there and meeting people! You’ll seriously be so glad you did. Most of the people I’ve connected with in Eugene I’ve found on Instagram. I know! Crazy. Others are friends of friends or someone I met in a group on Facebook.

The possibilities are ENDLESS. Once you’ve reached out to a few people. Be the person to coordinate everyone getting together for coffee, food, drinks, whatever tickles your fancy.

Look, the bottom line is, if you’re expecting to just fall into a community without putting yourself out there, it’s not gonna happen. I know not everyone can be as extroverted as I am (it’s a blessing and a curse). I understand if you’re shy and it may be hard to put yourself out there, but in the real world that’s what life is all about. Putting yourself out there and hoping something good will come!

So, grab your best outfit, hit up someone on Instagram or a friend, go out and take photos, collaborate together, talk about strategy, build each other up, but most of all, be kind. I’ve met so many amazing bloggers throughout Portland and LA and at the end of the day we’re all human. We are all in this together. You never know where these connections and friendships can take you. You may find yourself traveling with your new partner in crime of getting married and putting them in your wedding. How amazing does that sound?

Most importantly, remember to be willing to learn. There are a ton of influencer and bloggers in the community who’ve all dealt with the same or different things than you. You’ll learn a lot by talking to people!

Last but not least, if you’re just starting off and you’re trying to figure out what your blog is all about, that’s okay! It’s the perfect time to ask you peers questions and learn. If it’s something you REALLY want to do, connecting with them will give you that extra push and motivation you need! We all need accountability buddies!

I hope this helps you with understanding the importance of engaging with your community. Whether you’re a blogger or not, it’s a good idea to get out of your comfort zone, meet different types of people and go explore the world.

Here’s a full video of our vegan blogger brunch. Watch on YouTube.

How do you like to connect with people? Do you have your own girl gang?

Let me know in the comments below.



8 thoughts on “The Power Of Community + The Benefits Of Connecting With Bloggers”

  • Loved this post! I’ve learned so much about networking over the past two years that I’ve been blogging and even more so over the past year since connecting with all of the local bloggers. It makes all the difference in support and growth, it’s so nice having people to go through the good and the bad who actually understand those growing pains! Thanks for sharing this!

    J R

  • I love this post! I get soooo nervous to meet new people! I’m friendly and all, but it can be so intimidating to go to a blogger event and not know anybody there. Thanks for the awesome motivation to keep putting myself out there…. especially without the barrier of my computer screen.

  • I love this post!! I definitely think it is so important to have friends in this industry because most people have no idea what I am ever talking about! ha!! It is also such a great support system!

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