Things I Love About Fall + Staying Inspired This Season

Things I Love About Fall + Staying Inspired This Season


Hello lovelies!

The change of the season always gets me inspired to shake things up in my wardrobe. To be honest, I’ve been lacking a ton of inspiration, been feeling overwhelmed and am still adjusting to my “new normal” of living in Portland — but more on that later. I’ve had some of you ask me what my favorite thing about fall is and I’m here to tell you just that.

Let me start by saying that fall isn’t really a “thing” in LA. Sure we all try to force it a little by layering and wearing sweaters in 60-70 degree weather and we consider 50 cold (I still do). I think anyone who’s from anywhere colder than LA will argue that that is NOT cold. All you midwest peeps are probably just laughing thinking 50? Well what about negative insert some number. Ya ya where you live it’s definitely colder. Anyway, I’m STILL not use to living in a place that has seasons. Sure the weather has become more bearable…like the rain that is about to come through for the next two months (sobbing internally), but the BEAUTY OF FALL is literally what I love.

In case you guys didn’t know, I live in Portland now and DEAR GOD it has been a beauty driving every single morning over bridges (which now I’ve grown to love), seeing the trees changing the last few weeks from yellow to orange to red. I love seeing the physical changes around me in nature. I feel alive when I see the sunshine peering through the leaves, as the leaves slowly move back and forth. The weather has been LITERALLY phenomenal. I hope I don’t jinx it. I almost feel like I’m in LA all over again! I love the smell of fall: the fireplace, cozying up with loved one on the couch while watching a movie, reading a book after a hot bath, listening to the sound of the rain. I mean doesn’t all of that sound like perfection?

Aside from all of that I love that currently we’re in transition which sort of seems like the never-ending motto for my life. I’ve been transitioning from job to job since I moved to Oregon and finally found a little home in Portland. As the season slowly transitions into the next several months of rain I literally wake up every morning feeling blessed and excited for outfits. I was MADE for this season. And here’s why.

When it comes to style, I love layering, I love sweaters, coats, jackets, scarves. You NAME it. Fall style is literally my jam. I feel the most comfortable in my favorite pair of OTK boots and a dress. I’m currently loving this Cadence Dress from Yala Designs which comes in a few other colors but of course I opted for the black. For those of you who didn’t know, Yala is a local brand where comfort is confidence. Does that sound like me or what? I am ALL for comfort ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! A feel good company that makes pieces out of natural material, everything I own by them is SO soft! If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at this post about their amazing cardigan in this blog post.

I’ve already worn this dress twice because I can’t get enough of it. As I mentioned I own several of their pieces and they’re just so easy to wear everyday. From scarves, to dress, sweaters and even bed sheets, you can literally find anything.

As I’m still transitioning from living in Eugene to my new fast-paced life in Portland, I just love grabbing something comfortable that I can wear and feel confident in. And as I continue to be in love with fall, I hope the inspiration keeps on coming. Staying inspired as a creative is hard. That’s why I took a major step back from blogging weekly, posting daily on Instagram and being extremely involved in blogging. Don’t get me wrong I love writing as many of you know, but when you have a lot going on and you only have so much mental capacity and energy in your day, you can’t make everyone happy.

Things I’ve been doing to resurge that energy are:

-focusing on myself and the things that I love

-reading a book while listening to a chill mix

-watching movies on a Friday night with my boyfriend

-setting screen time limits so I can just completely turn off when I get home

-working out (a lot) to get that leg back in shape and myself

-taking time to stop and look at the world around me

-listen to The Art of Charm podcast every single week

-take time to reflect on each day and think about what I’m grateful for


There’s so much more but a lot of these are things that I wasn’t doing before which is CRAZY. Sometimes we get so caught up in going, going, going and spinning in that hamster wheel that we forget about ourselves. We forget about our inner desires. Your mind keeps signaling you that it’s too much but you keep going. So now that I’m getting into the rhythm of listening to myself, being more aware of how I spend my time, money, energy and who I give my time to I’ve been feeling way better about myself, my life and my hobbies.

I dare you to take a moment to yourself every day to reflect on the things that inspire you and then go out there the next day live your life without social media for a few days and see how you’ll come back afterword.

Because living a life with no inspiration is no life at all.

Until next time!



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