Tusk PDX ( & Create and Cultivate Pop-Up)

Tusk PDX ( & Create and Cultivate Pop-Up)

Hello loves!

I hope you are all having an amazing week. Two weeks ago I hosted a blogger brunch in Portland. I’ve heard so much about TUSK and was dying to try it. I put together some blogger babes I’ve previously met and some new one’s that I hadn’t met before.

I always feel energized and ready to conquer the blogging world after a meet up. Every meet up is always different and I like to switch it up between meeting fashion bloggers and food bloggers since I am the best of both worlds. Meeting with fellow foodies is SO different than with a fashion or lifestyle blogger. I think the conversations are different and the way we photograph is completely different. In fact, I think we could learn so much from each other so having a combination of both types of bloggers is what I’m going to make my goal.

We plan on meeting next month as well so stay tuned for that. Now let’s get to the food. We all mostly started with coffee and their were some cocktails and beers that were ordered. We started with a community hummus, the talk of the entire brunch (it was really good). If you love hummus you have to order it. It even came with an egg which added an extra touch to it. The lighting in the restaurant was amazing with hints of color and mediterranean cuisine that added a fun little aspect to brunch.

I ordered the egg sandwich while my friend Danielle ordered a dutch baby (it’s a German pancake). Others had the frittata and the young turk ( a sandwich inside of peta bread). PS the peta bread is amazing. We also ordered the pistachio gooey butter cake for the table which was a MAJOR hit. Must have if you love pistachio.

Hummus plate: paprika, parsley, with Tusk flatbread and an egg


Pistachio Gooey Butter Cake:

Dutch Baby: peaches, blueberries, maple whip, hazelnuts

Frittata: potatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cheese curd, cumin

Breakfast sandwich: egg, fresh cheese, sprouts, sweet onion soft roll, avocado, salad

Photo taken by The Urban Darling

The Young Turk: pita sandwich with hummus, herb tehina, pickled onions, cucumber, radishes, fries

Photo taken by Style Right Blog

It was a huge suggest and I’m glad I got to meet all these lovely ladies!

Some of you were asking about Create & Cultivate. I attended the pop-up conference yesterday. Honestly, and keep in mind this is just my opinion, I think if you’re just starting out, sure, go for it. I’ve already been around the blogging world for a while, been to many events, conferences, etc so I didn’t find it that impactful. I’m also not a very impressionable person so maybe this just wasn’t my cup of tea. This specific pop-up was about women in tech, empowering women and women in the workplace.

While I thought the panel did make some great notes about the world and being a working woman, it was more of a “motivational” event. I’m more of a hands on learning type of person. It was a good networking event as I got to meet some bloggers I’ve been following and just haven’t crossed paths with yet and got to say hi ones I already knew like The Style Opal. I know they have an event coming up in LA in February of next year so if you have $350 to shell out, and don’t mind paying for traveling expenses and all that jazz it may be for you. But I do highly encourage you to network where you live if you haven’t already. Start with where you are, maybe save money and take classes if you REALLY want to learn. Note: the LA conference is different than the pop up I attended. They break you out into two different groups depending on what “track” you want to take (aka entrepreneurship, advancing your career and growing your brand vs social media, marketing and content creation). Like I said, if you’re just jumping in this may be beneficial to you.

ALSO, you know what? It never hurts to ask a fellow blogger. Some people are too prideful to ask for help. You never know what you can learn from someone who has already been there, done that, or may teach you how to do something in a different way!

I will say after attending the event, I felt like I’ve been doing this blogger brunch thing for over a year now and I’m thinking of starting a blogger series of my own and seeing where it takes me.

What are your thoughts? Have you been to blogger conferences and did you find them effective? As always please let me know in the comments below.



14 thoughts on “Tusk PDX ( & Create and Cultivate Pop-Up)”

  • OMG, are you kidding me right now?! These entrees are so mouthwatering I literally had to zoom my face into the screen to see all the deliciousness that was in each of these meals. I’ve had a Dutch baby before but it never looked like that! Wow, that is one gorgeous entree. Also this pistachio butter cake?! Holy moly! I seriously can’t handle this place! If I am ever there, I will visit indeed! xoxo, Christine

  • See, that’s what I love about your blog, it is so versatile and I never actually thought about it before you mentioned it right now that, sure, we’re all bloggers, but depending on what we write about the way we work (including taking pictures) varies immensely and I’m sure we could learn from each other so if I’m ever welcome to one of your future cross-over-topic events I’d love to attend. Regarding blogger conferences I think I’m also more of a hands down person and want to learn something instead of getting a motivational speech as I’ve got plenty of motivation as it is. Haha. I don’t really like bloggers who don’t share their experiences or tips as I mean, we’re in this together. I see other bloggers as colleagues, not as rivals in any way. Looking forward to more blogger gatherings! 🙂
    Thomas xx

  • Hey Darling,
    How was your Weekend?
    This is so Nice that you hosted a Blogger Brunch:)
    Need to visit TUSK, each plate looks like heaven, I am a huge foodaholic so I am just obsessed with everything and Drooling like a crazy:)
    Can I have everything right now?
    Always good to meet and learn from other bloggers:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Sunday

  • I’ve been to a couple local ones and you’re right – so often these conferences are inspirational or just about the sponsors and the swag – I’d love to do some where I get to actually learn stuff – not just gloss over it. And it’s so interesting how different areas of blogging has a completely different perspective – glad you are enjoying all your foodie crew. And now you have me craving hummus and fresh pita. Yum!

  • YUUUM! Tusk looks soo good and fresh. I’d love to try the frittata. That is so nice that you planned your own bloggers brunch. I also always feel energized and ready to conquer the blogging world after a meet up! It is also good that you introduce food bloggers to fashion bloggers. There is so much that we can all learn from each other!

    Thanks for sharing this and your experience at Create and Cultivate.


  • Wow! Each of these dishes look seriously delicious. I’ve honestly never seen such a diverse flavor palette that melds in such a lovely way. These seem pretty healthy too, which is always a plus! It seems like you enjoyed your meal. I would totally love to check this place out.

    ~xo Sheree

  • Hey girl!
    How are you? Ahh I love these posts even though they make me so hungry. That’s so awesome that you had a blogger meet up bet it was fun. I actually think I had seen this place before. I remember coming accross the name and some images of the place and they caught my eye. I have to say that the frittata certainly looks delicious and so interesting! I’d love love love to try any of these plates out. Thanks for sharing.

  • First of all, it’s so wonderful that you put these blogging brunches together! Definitely inspirational! I always feel motivated after meeting with fellow bloggers too and I love that you are from different genres of the blogging industry. Tusk looks absolutely incredible! Seriously a place I’d love to dine. My family loves Mediterranean food and this seems like an exquisite example of some old mixed with new which I love. The dishes are all so pretty as well. I’ve never attended a blogging conference. I’ve just kind of figured it out along the way but it would have been so helpful when I was first starting for sure. I bet I’d still learn a ton however, not sure it would be worth the ticket and cost of travel besides for networking maybe. I love that you are encouraging others to reach out to fellow bloggers. I’m definitely an open book when it comes to sharing info and I think it’s so great for us women to encourage each other on this journey! Beautiful post!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  • I’m all for other bloggers learning from each other and inspiring each other and a meet up like this brunch sounds like the best opportunity to do so. The food looks so good and there are some dishes in there I’ve never even heard of before, such as the Dutch Baby. I am literally sat drooling over that hummus plate it looks so freaking good.

    Rachel xx

  • Thanks for being honest about the pop-up! I actually spoke on the panel in Houston, as well as listened to others speak and I definitely agree about it being more motivational than anything else. It was a blast though and I got to meet multiple followers who I didn’t know lived in my state! The food at Tusk looks so amazing, btw. I gotta try that Hummus Plate!


  • You had me at Hummus!!! Tusk looks amazing!! I’ve already eaten dinner but now surprisingly hungry again! Ha, ha. I really love attending blogger hook ups, not just to meet new friends but to pick up some tips. The fact you got motivation from it too is fabulous! Looks like a great group and wish I was in the same country so I could have attended.

    Thanks for sharing!

    J. x

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