Wine and Love Infinity For All

Wine and Love Infinity For All

Hello darlings,

If you’re reading the title you probably think I’m going to talk about falling in love. That’s right. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it seemed fitting to talk about love — self love.

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to a Willamette Valley Vineyards. Living in wine country you’d think I’d do this more often since I have this undying love for wine. The view was absolutely breathtaking. It got me thinking about what I was going to say for this post. This past month was Mental Illness Awareness month and I have partnered with Love Infinity For All to raise awareness about this serious issue.

There is such a stigma against having a mental illness that people are afraid to open up about it and have a conversation. As a recovering anorexic, I’ve been through my own struggles and challenges over the years. The infinity choker and bracelet I’m wearing represents infinite strength to me. While it took years for me to get to where I am, I chose self-love everyday over being ill and letting the illness control me.

It has been difficult for me to open up about this being a style and food blogger as I know the judgement that may come along with it. But, I’ve taken the path to open myself up and be vulnerable to allow others who may be suffering to know that they’re not alone. To know that they’re going to be okay and it takes the support of loved ones, personal strength and courage to overcome something like that.

So for those of you suffering, know you’re not alone. You are beautiful. You are strong and most of all you are not alone.


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Do you suffer from a mental illness or know a loved one who does? Take this opportunity to open up about it!

*Note: I have collaborated with Love Infinity For All for this free product to review. All opinions are my own.





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