The Cure To Your Winter Blues

The Cure To Your Winter Blues

Hello darlings!

As I’m writing this I’m thinking about how much is going to change in the next couple of days or months rather. See, while I was in Bend I decided that I’d finally try out skiing. Great idea right? Well…kinda.

Let me start by saying I’ve never been involved in sports. I’ve never had any interest in it and growing up I went to a performing arts magnet that allowed me to take dance all throughout middle school. Once I hit high school, I decided to excuse myself from P.E. and proceeded with my dance background and started taking ballet. That carried on for some of college. What I’m trying to say is I’ve never been a softball, soccer or any game player so why would I be good at skiing?

I took a morning class and after falling constantly and practicing after lunch on my own I thought maybe I’m ready now. So I hit the beginners slope, completely shaking on my way up in the lift, sitting with a young teen thinking “how are you not scared?” Well she wasn’t and we went down the slope together. My boyfriend and our friends were off at some other slope that was a little harder.

I went down the slope, ate it a few times and in my last run as I was approaching the end, I’m going full-force French fries and I’m like telling myself YOU CAN DO THIS. I got for a big pizza and I start to see my skis get tangled which was bad and as I try to untangle them and make a turn to stop myself the skis get caught, I fall and my leg gets caught and my entire right knee twists. Fast-forward to now and well I tore my ACL. Not only is this slowing me down from work, blogging and normal every day life but I’m heading to surgery in two days. First one ever in my life. Just my luck. I try skiing and I guess it’s not my thing? Such a shame cause it looks SO COOL.

The point of my story is that while I tried all weekend to cure my blues as I was limping around trying to finish several freelance things I have lined up, I had a moment where I thought, if you could get in heels and look absolutely gorgeous one last time before you head into the most challenging few months, you can look back and think you did that!

I know I’m crazy. So I did one last shoot with my Bailey Blue cross back chiffon maxi, full hair and make up and this amazing faux fur coat I got at Forever 21 ages ago. And you know what else I accessorized with? A handmade crystal necklace, my fave Sunday Girl necklace and of course, what I won’t ever leave my house with from here until fall, my trusty brace. I thought maybe I’ll look ridiculous. Maybe people will say “you’re crazy how could you wear heels with a torn ACL.”

My answer to all of that is “I may have lost my ACL but I will never lose my sense of adventure or style.” You don’t stop living because you get hurt. Whether that’s physically or emotionally. A few months from now when I’m back up and running, I can look back at these photos and remind myself, you are strong, you are determined and you’ll be okay.

See my last photoshoot for a little while. Not sure how long but stay tuned.

How do you cure your winter blues?

Let me know in the comments below!

*Note: I have collaborated with Bailey Blue Clothing for this free product to review. All opinions are my own.



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  • The color purple looks amazing on you and I love how you paired it with that faux fur coat. I tend to do yoga and run indoors a lot during the winter months to keep myself healthy and I truly love it. xx shalini

  • Babe you look beautiful in these shots! I’m so sorry to hear about your mishap, I do hope surgery goes well and you get better ASAP! I’ve tried skiing once before, and it didn’t go well either. It was so awkward and my first time, and when I went up the lift, I freaked out when I had to get off – I didn’t know how to! I don’t know what I did, but I was desperate and ended up falling face first into the snow. Not pretty! And when it came time to go down the slopes, I got freaked out halfway from all the adrenaline rushes (I hate that) and I took off my skis and walked all the way down(dangerous I know!) , and I could hear some teenage boys from the ski lifts above heckling me and throwing snowballs (I believe they prepared some to throw on others while they were on the lift, and unfortunately, I was the perfect target!) It was a pretty tough day. But yes, we are strong, and we’re gonna get through everything! I wish you all the best X


    • Oh my god wow! That’s so crazy. I wish I would’ve done that haha. I freaked out too! I guess I’m not one for all of the adrenaline when it means you may get hurt. Boys suck but I didn’t have to tell you that. Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words!

    • Thank you love! The heels was pre-surgery. I was limping around and almost got to walking on the day before surgery. I also only put these on for like five minutes haha.

      Thank you so much! I wouldn’t put these heels on now post surgery!

  • OMG! You tore your ACL?? That must have been so painful! I always get super paranoid when I go snowboarding so I’m always just leafing down the slopes. I can’t seem to turn right for the life of me. Breaking/tearing anything just sends chills down my spine. How are you wearing heels with this outfit?! You look absolutely stunning though. I love the navy dress on you. I hope you recover soon!

    Maggie S.

    • I did! You know the funny thing is I thought it was a sprain! It hurt really bad at first and I was limping for a bit but I was almost fully walking right before the surgery. There’s people who live without ACLs which is crazy to me! Now post surgery I cannot go near heels for at least a few months. Thanks! I’m loving this dress too! I’ll put good use of it to cover that knee brace come summer 🙂

  • Skiing is so much fun and can be such a rush. I’m so sorry that you tore your ACL, I hope surgery goes well and you recover fast. You are sure working this look in your heels though, I have no clue how you are doing that.
    It is so cool that you took dance for so many years. I did dance in high school and part of college too. I was also involved in so many other sports too, but I really loved dance a lot. What was college dance like for you? I want to know more about your dancing fun?

    • Oh thank you dear! Yeah I stood in them for literally five minutes and then put sandals back on. Also was pre-surgery where I was actually semi okay walking. That’s so awesome that you did dance! In college I took several ballet classes and over the years I went to a studio near me. It was a great experience until I got into an accident and had to stop. I’d love to go back to it for fun though! What kind of dancing did you do?

    • Haha thank you! I hear it isn’t. It’s day 5 and I’m in a lot of pain but ya know hoping for a speedy recovery. Girl I don’t think I’ll be wearing heels from here on out for a while haha.

  • This is such a glamorous look and you are looking gorgeous in this dress. I love how you’ve paired it with a Faux Fur Coat. So sorry to hear that your tore your ACL, it must have been so painful. These injuries always take time to heal, so impressed that you managed to take photographs in heels. I really hope you feel better soon, try to take things slowly.


  • Hey Sweetie:)
    How are you?
    I always wanted to try skiing too, you did so well:)
    I am still a bit afraid.. lol:)
    The Blue Chiffon dress is very Elegant, fits your hair sooo well:) Loved the Back Details so Different:)
    Love Kisses Open Kloset By Karina

  • OMG girl, get better! So sorry to hear you tore your ACL , I’ve been there so I know how tough that injury can be! Good for you for being able to shoot one last time you look absolutely glamorous! I love the chiffon blue on you, it looks gorgeous!


  • I did chuckle a bit at your story, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that I feel for you as well (it’s just that the skiing part was hilarious) and hope you won’t be gone all too long as you’ll be missed. But if you ask me, I sure as heck know what hard work is and at that point of time you barely have time to sleep… So just roll up your sleeves and I know you’ll make it and hope to see more beautiful pictures soon!

  • You look absolutely beautiful in these shots.Oh that stinks so much! I really hope you can heal quickly! You’ll be in my prayers. I too grew up dancing and not really playing any other sports. I had to slow own with it in college due to a back injury so I know how debilitating it can feel to put your life on hold for something like that! I know it stinks but try to focus on things that you can accomplish or want to do that you couldn’t do because of your schedule before!

    Manda |

  • Love the fur coat paired with a floaty dress! The food look amazing as always and I wonder how u manage to stay so slim with so much good food.
    Noticed that you’re having a brace on your knee and hope it isn’t anything serious and you’ll recover from it soon!

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your injury while skiing and that you’ve been dealing with the winter blues! Even with a torn ACL you still look amazing in that navy blue dress and you’re amazing for wearing heels! I hope your recovery goes well and you’ll be back soon!

  • Ouch! I hope you are feeling better! Skiing is no joke! I feel like you are so restricted that it’s so easy to get hurt! Either way, you look stunning in that blue dress!

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