A New Type Of Rosé Cider That You’ve Never Had

A New Type Of Rosé Cider That You’ve Never Had

Hello darlings,

As most of you know, I am a lover of wine and rosé. Recently I tried something that’s a different take on rosé — dry rosê cider. It’s something I try every time I go to a new vineyard and it’s something I even use to relax and unwind at times. Just one glass..or two.

Relaxing at times can be hard when you’re crazy busy and you forget about the importance of pampering yourself. Lately I’ve been all about the self-love and care, . It’s important to take time out of your crazy, busy day and really take care of yourself. I spent most of this year running around like crazy doing things for work, freelance and my blog that I almost forgot what it meant to JUST CHILL.

Since I love rosé as much as I do, I decided to sort of have a “me” night that involved a hot tub, chocolates, and Wölffer No. 139.. It’s actually perfect for pretty much any time of day but this seemed suiting at the time.. Whether you’re brunching with your gals, having a romantic night for two, or sipping a glass on a Sunday while relaxing in the hot tub a la Brunchinista, it’s really perfect for any occasion.

I paired mine with an assortment of Euphoria chocolates (wine truffles of course) and relaxed at the hot tub while listening to some soothing tunes. I know you were expecting a full on brunch type post but there are many facets of the Brunchinista and this is just one of them.

What’s perfect is that these mini bottles are great for on the go. I took a few on my recent trip to Bend and it’s just amazing to not have to lug around a whole bottle. And can we talk about the packaging? So cute. So grab a glass, put some tunes on and enjoy some Wölffer No. 139. Take a sip below.


*Special thanks to Wolffer Estate for sending me this free product to review. All opinions are my own.

How do you like to spend an evening relaxing?

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